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  1. Hi Rhys! Plenty of them, in city centre best are Relax Cafe Bar (Zlota 8a), Ministerstwo Kawy (Marszalkowska 27/35 ), CoffeDesk (WIlcza 42), and Kawiarnia Filtry (Niemcewicza 3) - my favorite one in my neighbourhood Czarna Fala (Raclawicka 99) - not in the centre, however they roast and sell very nice beans - one of my favourite local roasters. Smacznego!
  2. Thank you very much for your opinion! I decided to buy mk2 for £250 and it seems it was best choice for that money.. Yesterday after using 250 g of beans I have adjusted a good level of grinding and finally made my first doppio espresso on my GC. Wysłane z mojego ANE-LX1 przy użyciu Tapatalka
  3. Hi from Warsaw, Poland to all users! I was lurking lot of coffee forums, but here the atmosphere is really friendly and users are experts! ::) I'm an experienced coffee lover, but newbie espresso fan. After googling I discovered home barista forums, blogs and found out that 100€ Delonghi machine will not provide me a proper espresso… "So I have just bought my new Gaggia Classic" Since few weeks I enjoy single espresso from ESE pods and think about most important device which is grinder. Second hand market of coffee grinders in Poland (where I live) is rather small and I don't want to buy used stuff without opportunity to see it before. So I want to buy a new one, a grinder that will help to learn make a proper espresso with a non-pressurized basket. My budget today is about 200-250 £. Next year, my budget for grinder would be about 600 £ So I have a choice, buy today some cheap (Graef) grinder, learn how to make espresso, and in few months upgrade. Or buy today Eureka and upgrade in let say 2 years. Do you think, Graef or Lelit will let me learn on non-pressurized basket, or in my case Macam M2M or Eureka Mignon is a must? In my local shop I have choice of: Graef CM 800 - 120 £ Lelit Fred PL043MMI - 170 £ Ascaso i-1 mini - 235 £ Rancilio Rocky SD - 240 £ Macap M2M - 255 £ Eureka Mignon (old ver) - 270 £
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