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  1. Ahhh ok! No i grind and then weigh and then add or remove with a small spoon
  2. Ooo ok thanks for the tip. What ratio do you go for?
  3. Yes, i grind and then put the portafilter on my coffee scales. What other method is there?
  4. They were roasted on 29th June, and I first used them on 5th July so I suppose they've had long enough? Updates! 19g coffee gave me 40g in 17 seconds... on the same grind setting as yesterday that just about came out quick enough. One thing I did do last night was give my machine a thorough clean and used a cleaning tablet. This morning I also tamped with less pressure and spent more time distributing the grounds evenly. I could expect tamping and distribution to have a significant impact but could it really be so much?
  5. Thanks for the responses everyone! The beans were the same, I've been using the same beans for about a week. So ageing could be an issue I suppose but for them to change so fast is strange?Perhaps I should work on my tamping technique. It'll be interesting if tomorrow I try again and it comes out far too fast. The machine itself seems to be performing just fine, no weird noises. I'll update tomorrow after I do a better job of distributing, tamp with a little less pressure and purge the grinder!
  6. I have a barista express that i use daily and always clean well and keep in good working order. The last week I've been having a perfect 2:1 ratio extraction at 30 seconds and have enjoyed coffee heaven every single morning. Until today. Same warm up time (half an hour), same grind (setting 3), same dose (19g). But when I hit the button today to extract I get drip drip drip. I have no idea why, and it took adjusting the grind setting up 3 notches to get anything close to the proper extraction I was after. Is anyone able to shed any light on why this might be happening?
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