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  1. I'm finding it great, especially for espresso, compared to my previous stepped grinder (should have bought Niche to start with!). I managed to get a decent espresso shot timing (~30 sec for 18g in, 36g out) at 11-13 mark (although I heard it can slightly vary between different machines). Have you tried calibrating the Niche? There is a really nice video by DaveC (calibration starts around 8:40) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4lMoJqp-Rw Regarding updating the machine, I had a really basic machine before (Delonghi Dedica) and wanted to have a much more stable and precise temperature (which is now controlled by PID vs a thermoblock before) - and there is a percievable difference in the cup, which is much more balanced and flavourful. However for me it was a jump from one extreme to another, if you already have a decent machine then I suppose the difference might be less evident
  2. It looked like the screw width was a tiny bit too small for the hole - the screw was spinning freely and going out freely as well, and not holding the lid in place. I added a fabric thread into the screw from the head all the way down so that it would fit better, and that managed to fix the issue. I will take a photo next week when I'm back home
  3. Hello, I have recently purchaced a ACS Minima and I'm looking for some accessories: E61 Bottomless Portafilter 58.4mm Tamper (preferably flat base) 18g VST Basket (preferably ridgeless) Please let me know if anyone has anything of the above and is willing to sell. I'm based in London. Thanks
  4. Welcome! I'm also on a very similar path, having been lurking on this forum, r/coffee and r/espresso for a while, have just recently purchaced a home setup (Niche Zero, ACS Minima), and have just finished The World Atlas. It's a great time to be alive with such a breadth of information everywhere!
  5. Mostly by searching coffee-related content on Google and this forum coming up quite high in the results
  6. Received mine a few weeks ago, and I'm very happy with the Niche! The screw holding the lid was initially too loose and the lid didn't close properly, but adding a piece of thread to the screw fixed the problem - has anyone experienced this issue as well?
  7. Received mine 2 weeks ago as well, and very happy with it so far, it's a beast! Was choosing between Minima/Lelit Mara/Lelit Bianca but pulled the trigger when noticed that BB had restocked the Minima
  8. Discovered this forum around 6 months ago, and started visiting more and more frequently recently, as I started getting more and more interestedi in home espresso. When this forum became one of the first suggested pages in the browser launch screen, I took it as a sign to join
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