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  1. Thank you for the feedback, very helpful. I need to think a bit more about it.
  2. I have seen the reviews of the Niche Zero and it fits my needs: it is within my budget, works for on-demand home grinding and looks good (compared to my old way too big "and ugly" as my wife says, Mazzer in the new kitchen). However, I am put off that it is still on Indiegogo, the crowd-funding site - you are supporting a project and only get a 'perk' as a return; as Indigggo points out "they are not a buying/shopping site". Delivery is sometime in the month, but it may be longer. There are not much consumer rights. I have been bitten before with using such crowd-funding and ended
  3. Thanks everyone for the comments, help and laughs.... kidney is now on ebay... So basically it comes down to: if I want better consistancy with all my servings, not just 1-2 pulls, I have to upgrade from the Elektra and LaPav to a small commercial style machine, like the L-R or QM Achille, and change my drinking routine to work with the machine being left on and warm for a prolonged period, rather than: switch-on, wait a few mins, pull, switch-off. So it really comes down to how much I am drinking (at home) to justify having a machine running for a prolong period of time? If it is
  4. Yes, I have seen it but know nothing about it. Will do my research, but is that my only option?
  5. I like you thinking, but my other half thinks the Strietman is too ugly (personally, I love it).
  6. I already use a WiFi switch on the existing ones, so am happy to control that way.
  7. (Sorry if this is the wrong section to post in - please let me know if it is and I will move it). I am after recommendations for a lever machine upgrade. We currently use, every day, an Elektra MicroCassa Lever and a pre-milemium LaPav Lever Professional. My frustration is the over-heating, especially on the Elektra, as I have now to regualry make 3-4 drinks at a time and they are both incosistant. What's my upgrade options? Criteria: -Home use -Not switched on all the time: only used 2-3 times a day, but is used every day. -Reliable , needs to just w
  8. We have both, our Pav being the bigger boiler Professional. We like both for different reasons. The Pav consistently makes better multiple espressos - our Elektra overheats way too quickly. Our Pav does not. For espresso I always use the Pav. However, the Elektra is lovely for making velvet milk. The Pav is poor and annoying. So we use the Elektra for our morning caps; and occasionally we use both at the same time if we have more than 2-3 drinks to do. If I was really pushed , really really, to love with only one it would be the Pav, but I would miss the Elektra.
  9. No, you are not . I find it rubbish to make milk on. Lovely coffee, rubbish milk heating/froth.
  10. My pre-milenium has a data on the inside of the base plate. Have a look.
  11. I second that suggestion , I have pre millennium Pro and the heat sink is worth the small cost.
  12. I agree with all that. Ours overheats quickly, one-shot and then the next is steam! It does however froth milk lovely and ours has been totally reliable for over 10 years (with some servicing over time). Even with the overheat, I would happily buy another.
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