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  1. Latte art is witchcraft lol i know how you feel 😁 Milks expensive too especially at rate Iv been using it since I got my izzo Pompeii Iv actually thought about buying a cow lol love the setup 👍
  2. Hi guys Iv just purchased a izzo my way pompei 2 group coffee machine, she’s an absolute beauty but being a novice to coffee machine she’s a bit of a handful lol was just wondering if anyone out there knows anything about this machine that might be able to give me some insight and advice on this beauty it really would be much appreciated . I really want to get to most out of her But know little about coffee machines especially levers any help would be much appreciated shes fitted into a coffee van if anyone’s local to me and wanted a little go and could advise me at the same time I’d travel thank in advance
  3. Hi guys Iv just purchased an izzo my way pommei and found your forum when looking for a user manual It would be extremely appreciated if you could email me a copy and any advice on the machine would be amazing as Iv never used a commercial coffee machine until now 😬 thanks darren
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