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  1. but if I use a flowjet, should it stay the same as it currently is?
  2. Hi Joey, must have missed that you had it pulling from a bottle, I know you said it should be able to. Not sure how to adjust the pump, would need to look that one up unless you can steer us in the right direction that'd be great!
  3. We,ve purchased a flowjet as no pressure with just a water bottle at same level, but my husband is concerned that it really needs to be plumbed in which woud involve floorboards up etc. We can do that if totally necessary, but surely most mobile coffee carts/vans dont have access to mains? Help appreciated thankyou
  4. Charlie-E

    UK Based Roasters

    PLACING YOUR ORDER Minimum orders for wholesale pricing are 6kg of coffee (this can be mixed across coffee and pack size), with complimentary delivery for orders of 12kg and more (or 24 retail units). All orders are shipped by UPS. Please place your order via email or phone and we will roast the coffee to order and ship within 5 working days. If you prefer rested coffee (typically for espresso machines; available from our House range), please ask. We require card or cash payments for initial orders but if you wish to order more regularly, please request a credit account form. Twitter @darkwoodscoffee Instagram darkwoodscoffee & darkwoodscoffeeroaster Email [email protected] Dark Woods Coffee, Holme Mills, Marsden. Yorkshire. HD7 6LS
  5. Charlie-E

    UK Based Roasters

    https://shop.darkwoodscoffee.co.uk/collections/award-winning-coffees Amazing variety , something for all palates
  6. This was the seller I bought my ooni from. Good package. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ooni-Uuni-3-wood-fired-pizza-oven-uuni-peel-20kg-pellets-cover-skillet-pan/273657667876?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  7. Hi all, As many of you will be aware, I have just bought a Nuova Simonelli Mac from Joey24dirt for my little pop up coffee shop. I have trawled through info online, but would really appreciate advice. It is very unlikely that I will be able to plumb this in and so need to design my coffee bar/cart with correct fittings for enabling the machine to suck from a bottle. Please can you advise, would bottle need to be beside or at a greater height or can it be stored below with a flowjet? Is there a best practice way of doing this to enable water, but no air enters the machine? Sorry for div questions, steep learning curve!
  8. Thanks very much Joey, great to meet you all. The beast is happily sitting in the kitchen now waiting for us to work out how the heck to put it all together! Should be an adventure and will keep you posted on how it goes. Let us know if any baskets appear , in the meantime we will search some out online. Thanks for the opportunity of a trip to the beach! Sorry to the boys! Wilf was gutted too!
  9. Yep apologies, hadn't got a handle on the rules and I wasn't clear enough in my earlier post so i am offering to buy Joeys Nuovo simonelli for full asking , collection at the weekend. Thanks all.
  10. Well i think that might be me then!
  11. Hi Joey, found your restoration thread, clearly a lot of love went into this baby. I'm looking for something for a pop up cafe/coffee shop 2 days a week. Would this do the trick for me do you think? I would have to have it attached to a bottle as no room to plumb it in in my venue. Thanks very much
  12. Thanks all for advice re grinder, we have managed to find a secondhand super jolly which looks like it will be perfect for the job! Now I just need to decide what coffee maker to get! Any advice from anyone is very welcome. Leaning currently towards the Astoria Greta SAE group 1 from BB. Does anyone have experience of it?
  13. Thanks all, looks like it may just be more hassle than its worth in this instance. Found a mazzer super jolly on local fb page which looks decent and seems to be enough for our current needs Maybe a niche for home when I actually make and stop spending the pennies!
  14. Hi, looking to start a small-ish pop up coffee shop 2 days a week from end august. Very difficult to guestimate amount of coffees we will be making, but I reckon in the region of 50-max 100 per day. Would it be too laborious using a niche in this environment? Thanks
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