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  1. unfortunately i'm up north and won't be attending LCF, and the more i read the more confusing it gets !!!
  2. the price wasn't the driving factor for me, they were £1379, £1150 & £949 respectively, so not exactly matched in that respect, but as a relative novice they all seem to have features that may or may not make it easier to use !
  3. upgrading from Gaggia Classic (although keeping that and fitting PID) All these appeal for different reasons, which will give the easiest user experience as a first forray into a lever machine ECM Mechanika V Slim ACS Minima Dual Boiler Lelit MaraX
  4. cheer everyone, think i;ll do the PID upgrade to the Gaggia but have also decided to but a fancy new machine, stuck between ECM Mechanika V Slim & Profitec 500 ?
  5. Thanks, but i'd be keeping the Gaggia alongside various drippers and stuff at home and my desk based Jura XJ9
  6. that looks interesting, might be something i look at as an experiment alongside an upgrade! Any views on the Ruby?
  7. I've had my Gaggia Classic for 12 years or so, and a sage smartgrinder Pro for 18 months, i feel i'm a the limits of the Gaggia now and am looking to upgrade. It makes a nice coffee but the lack of hot water and also a fairly weak seam wand are the main reasons. I've seen a refurbished Visacrem Ruby that looks to have a good simple setup and nice footprint for my available kitchen space but information online is limited, my question therefore is :- Is this a decent upgrade on what i currently have? Thanks
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