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  1. Would also appreciate the code as I need to order more
  2. Thank you for the advice. Going to have a look at ordering a few different beans to try to work out what suits best!
  3. I did wonder if it perhaps just didn't suit me. I generally enjoy most coffee and have not just plainly disliked one before but maybe this is the one! I believe at grind 13, I was somewhere around 20g at 30 seconds.
  4. OK. Top burr taken out, cleaning, replaced (was set and remains set at '6'). Just pulled a series of shots and recorded some things to try to get some direction. Beans weighed into grinder 18g every time. Grind weighed into portafilter between 17.8-17.9. Measured weight of each tamp at ~5kg and used the sage tamper to help ensure level. Results as follows: Grind setting 13 - Output 77.4g - Time 60s Grind setting 14 - Output 82.1g - Time 54s Grind setting 15 - Output 81.3g - Time 45s Grind setting 16 - Output 81.4g - Time 36s Grind setting 17 - Output 80.8g - Time 34s All had the undesirable taste I first mentioned, although it became less overbearing as grind coarsened. Very thick and silty tasting becoming less so again as grind coarsened. I also ran an empty shot to measure water delivery with empty PF. 60 seconds gave 316g/ml of water. I have no idea if this is normal.
  5. SGP is new - haven't adjusted the top burr. Machine appears to be delivering water fine with an empty PF.
  6. Yep, measuring 18g beans into grinder and normally 17.8/9 out into the pf. Will try going 1 coarser. What sort of time would you expect it to take for 80g out from 18?
  7. OK - I was tamping tamping with ~10kg pressure. I have reduced this to less than 5kg and was now able to get something out of a finer grind. got 80g from 18g using the full 60 seconds before the machine auto shut off again. I would say some of the harshness has gone but it still the dominant taste up front at least. Beginning to have a more pleasant lingering taste now however.
  8. I will check tamp pressure with scales for reference. Auto shutoff I think happens after 60 seconds on the DTP (or on mine anyway) where it will stop even if I haven't touched the dial. I will go now and try and see if I can get something out of a finer grind. My reasons for jumping up the grind settings so much each time was because I figured if I got nothing out at 12, and 5g out in ~60 secs at 16, there would be no point trying 13 or 14 for example.
  9. Using tap water - tastes good to drink, slightly on the hard side but not significantly so. I can try filtered water if it is likely to help. YOu are correct about the Rocko Mountain, perhaps I have been naive here - as I simply looked for a well regarded bean to buy first, and know little about how easy or difficult the various varieties are.
  10. Recently purchased a DTP and SGP which I got a good deal on and have been trying to get to grips with making some nice coffee. I bought some cheap beans from Tesco which I was using to season the grinder and also get a bit of flow practice with. The shots coming out with this were ok-ish if not great, but wasn't expecting much from random cheap beans. I since got some Rocko Mountain from Foundry, have been trying to get a decent shot with them this morning after resting them for a week or so. Not having any luck so far. Firstly - I am not sure if what I am tasting is sour or bitter, but its completely overwhelming and all but undrinkable. I have been weighing 18g into the double single walled basket, and tried grinding at 12 which seemed to just clog things up and I got no pour - I coarsened the grind up to 16 and got maybe 5g out before the auto shutoff. I then went up to 20 and got 36g out in 42 seconds, but got the overwhelming bad taste. I did a bit more reading and saw longer ratios suggested so upped the grind again to 24 and got 60g out in about 40 seconds, which still had the bad taste but was much thinner. I also tried taking 36g out on this grind which took about 20 seconds and was still unpleasant. As such I need some advice on where to go from here. I have a Motta tamper, tamping firmly but not full body weight or anything, have tried a few lighter tamps with no difference - appears to be fairly even and I don't see any noticeable channeling. I am concerned that from researching most seem to be grinding much finer but even at 12 I didn't get a shot out. Thanks in advance!
  11. I will have a look through the for sales and see what is about and check about postage ?
  12. Afternoon folks, I have finally decided to make some progress and purchase some equipment to make myself some decent coffee. This will be a step forward from a Nespresso capsule machine for me. I require everything from scratch, want to make espresso and espresso based milk drinks, and want to spend under £400 if possible. From doing my own research I am fairly decided on a Sage Duo Temp Pro, as long as the experts agree - which I can get for ~£250. I also need a grinder and have no idea about these really - they seem much more important than I first realised so could do with some advice on one. I much prefer to buy new if possible - but would consider 2nd hand although not being based in mainland UK and also not wanting to have to wait for an extended period of time for the right thing to pop up, this might make it more difficult. Many thanks in advance!
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