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  1. Dave, you are a troll. Just a really really lame one. If you want to continue with what amounts to an online dirty protest that is your prerogative. Who am I to dissuade you from making an utter fool of yourself in public over and over again. Just dont expect me to engage with it.
  2. Oh it is. I've been following the research as much as I am able to with no background in epidemiology, medicine or indeed no formal scientific training. I think this is why the govt's measures of thursday before last and then the following monday will prove pointless. It focussed solely on the symptomatic, by asking those with symptoms to remove themselves, voluntarily. There is suspicion that children, who appear to get few symptoms if any, are tremendous viral shredders.
  3. Like I'm going to read the output of a 'libertarian' thinktank devoted to small-statism. Funnily enough, neither are you.
  4. 800 Italians died today. According to The Telegraph this "strengthens our hand" in Brexit negotiations. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2020/03/19/far-requiring-delay-coronavirus-strengthens-hand-post-brexit/
  5. Meanwhile, in the real world where people are caring for one another, rather than retreating into asinine reactionary nationalism... https://twitter.com/TerryReintke/status/1241431067355217921?s=20
  6. ^ denial https://www.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/f94c3c90da5b4e9f9a0b19484dd4bb14 It's in Northumberland already. And spreading.
  7. How do I know this? Because I have read and understood the science. The people who die in a months time will be paying the price of our lack of care now. There is a lag time of about a month before any change in behaviour starts to show on the stats. You will endure weeks of lockdown and panic that it is not working, when it will. Whatever happens it will be carnage, its a pandemic, it's just a question of level. Your behaviour determines the carnage because the virus does not spread itself. You do. The political procrastination of the past 4 weeks will exact a heav
  8. Besides, the posts you and I dont like will be redundant if not by monday, then by thursday. From this weekend there will be increasing media output showing the realities of frontline healthcare, both here and also in Italy, which acts as a crystal ball for our future, but sadly only the next fortnight. It will be extremely unsettling for many, and if they haven't yet had a collision with the reality of what is happening here then this will be the moment. If this does not result in immediate behavioural changes we will find ourselves compelled by emergency law to comply. This, I th
  9. ^ You dont need to be banned. You are fulfilling exactly the function I want you to fulfil, even though you are oblivious. Think of it as your contribution to this crisis ?
  10. Lots of people thought and think the things you posted. I did up until a few weeks ago. It's not a blame game, but now that we know the situation it's important to stop misinformation in its tracks. I'm not having a go at you. What might have been information a week ago is now misinformation. Its vital that the message about the under 70s is corrected
  11. Whilst I understand the sentiment, I feel it serves a purpose for the time being. It should stay. However, people's opinions, such as the ones you quote above, tend to age very badly when confronted by reality. Let them stay up for a bit, not to humiliate others, but to hopefully educate. It is individual behaviour that makes up the whole. However, I will not engage with people I consider to be trolling, baiting, or just ignorant. Glenn can decide how he wants this to progress.
  12. How to answer this.. There are a large number of dispirite bodies comprising the scientific community, whose advice then coagulates into SAGE. This feeds into the CMO and the CSO, and ultimately it is Johnson's job to ensure that this process works and does not get hampered by factionalism. I think there are some very clear indicators that this has been very badly mismanaged. The flick-flacking of govt policy is symptomatic. No clear steer on the science. If huge swathes of the scientific community are shouting that the strategy is wrong, and that the WHO is voicing concern, loudly,
  13. I'm not going to grace such a crass and fatuous question with an answer
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