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  1. The wood oven I built in the garden 9 years ago got us through last year's spring lockdown with ease
  2. I've never descaled my Spaz. I live in a hard water area which would have killed it dead had I not plumbed it in with a ion exchange filter. I keep meaning to get it serviced but was quoted £500 by someone in Bristol.
  3. Anybody got any tips where to get decent flat white cups at a not-silly price??
  4. Yes, in answer to OP. Started when the record shop in town got a Space Invaders machine (10p a go) in 1978. Graduated to Phoenix, Defender etc when an arcade opened up. Used to earn £1 a week and go and blow it in 29 minutes of adrenaline excitement in a darkened room with neon lights and plinky electronic sounds. Had a Dragon32 computer in around '83. A huge disappointment apart from Donkey King, but a BBC micro was off the cards. Still gamed in arcades into my 20s, but first console was a SNES in 94. In 98 I bought a kickass pc, top spec, and a copy of Quake 2. Huge disappointment
  5. Cormorant fishing in China. It's a thing of beauty
  6. It's probably all been said already but, in my experience, the main attraction to home roasting is the learning process and the opportunity to geek out even further. I dont think it is a money saver, once you have factored in a few hundred quid for a roaster. You do get the opportunity to roast up 200g, and therefore have a range of coffees on the go without them hanging around long enough to go stale. Freshness is irrelevant in today's instant online bean buying world, as you'll discover if you try and drink coffee you have just roasted. The other disadvantage is that you'll pay for yo
  7. Let's not forget that this is a new disease. We know nothing about its long-term effects. We now know that it isnt a respiratory disease, it us a whole body disease, potentially. My mate and my sister both described an identical symptom to me recently regarding smell. They both found that if they went outside they were hit with a smell like freshly wet soil, but with a burnt element. I had a shitey cold in mid March and I do recall frequently thinking thatI could smell something weird. Never lost any senses, and no idea if it was covid.
  8. Used Mazzer Mini? It will outlast you 😄
  9. It isn't helped when a large chunk of popular television culture is predicated on bullying and humiliating people. The Weakest Link, The Apprentice, Jeremy Kyle, Strictly Come Dancing, X Factor etc etc etc. It doesnt matter that the contestants know what they are letting themselves in for (although in the case of Kyle, I doubt it). It is insidious and with people educated by television it is the zeitgeist. Sorry to hear you are having a shit bit, Jony. I don't know your situation and my brushes with depression have largely been as a result of tangible personal circumstances w
  10. I like coffee in Italy. As an analogy I view it like I view Yorkshire Gold tea. Just really hits the spot, with no challenging flavours. I still like quality leaf teas, but I strongly dislike Earl Grey and Lapsang Souchong....the hipster 3rd wave teas. Might be interesting, might be different but it tastes like shit to me. Other people like it, and I'm not going to tell them they dont like it, or that they are wrong. That would be bigotry. Every now and again I long for that warm, spicy Italian ristretto taste, but ironically to get it you either have to luck out at TKMaxx, or pay more fo
  11. Not as much as Spukey did
  12. What I forgot to say was that in many respects my coffee drinking is far narrower having fully gone down the espresso rabbit hole. I used to drink coffees from all over the world, sometimes bringing them back myself from plantations I'd been to. Now I just knock out flat whites with a very narrow spectrum of flavours.
  13. Yes and no. At that point I'd been drinking decent pourover coffee for the best part of 30 years, espresso for 20. I'd been roasting my own for about 10 years (Soll, of this forum, has my old Hottop). I had a PID'd Silvia, but fancied something a bit easier to live with. I liked Rob's coffee and was in and out of the roastery pretty regularly. He was super enthusiastic about coffee but, as a start up, was limited in what he could stock (ie DJWakefield rather than Mercanta). A couple of years later I rocked up to his with a kilo of an experimental blend that I'd scarfed from a
  14. 9 years ago, three days before the birth of my son. I'd just bought an Expobar Leva with the money saved by only taking one week paternity leave instead of two. I'd had a hunt around and found a supplier literally on my doorstep...well, 5 miles away. Phoned him up and did the deal. Went to pick it up from his roastery a while later. Was a tiny cotswold stone outhouse at the back of an old vicarage in a tiny village. Met the roaster, Rob, and got mashed on caffeine. I think he was already high before I got there. 9 years later, he has a successful business, a large roastery. Ye
  15. I have a Major. Been using it for about 8 years. What is this Mr Wong doserless mod of which you speak?
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