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  1. Yeah...but not sure where I can buy 1kg bags.
  2. I'm in Bologna for a few days next week. Might try and buy a few bags of bar coffee
  3. I like the 3rd wave hipster crap in milk! Just not as a ristretto. Favourite brands? Christ, I've tried loads. Saquella Gran Gusto is what's in the grinder and I like it. I really cant remember all the others. I'm really just after producing a faultless sweet syrupy ristretto from them, not really looking for complex flavours, nor is it demanding in any way. Just grind super fine and give the lightest of temps and off you go.
  4. In answer to the OP, yes. I do like Italian espresso beans. I'd much rather drink an espresso at home from my choice of Italian bean than pretty much anything I've ever had from any UK coffeeshop, whether it be a murdered attempt from Costa or Nero, to the overpriced vile wrongness being pumped out by hipsters in 3rd wave speciality coffee shops. I've been caning TKMaxx for whatever I can get, whilst avoiding the 'Super Crema' types that tend to be robusta heavy. I dont mind a bit of quality robusta, it adds a dimension and I like it in espresso. For milk drinks I'll go speciality everytime.
  5. Saquella Gran Gusto. Decent Italian bar coffee. Mostly arabica. Pretty straightforward, get a nice ristretto every time.
  6. I wouldnt try getting an Americano in a normal cafe in France. You'll get an under extracted horror. Ditto tea in France. Usually what happens when they realise you are English is that they will proudly announce that they have 'english tea' and then produce Liptons, which is sub-PG Tips in quality. Not quite sure why I put this thread in the tea section but well done for subtly getting it back on topic ?
  7. Currently about £1.89 for a 250g bag from Aldi. Yes, its filth, but it is drinkable filth. I can get something out of it that is no more disappointing than a Costa coffee, or indeed many high street cafes. I'm not led to this by being in an impecunious state, more that I'm engaged in some sort of double-think whereby I'm actually trying to give up coffee for good by tricking myself into believing that coffee isnt actually that nice. Drinking premium beans from a speciality roaster wont help with this.
  8. Hello! Just not really been that interested in the coffee world I guess! I think the fun vs effort pendulum was swinging in the wrong direction with regards to the forum. Good to see that some of the best of the old guard are still alive and posting though! ?
  9. The headache didnt bother me. I took an aspirin. Whst surprised me was the almost depression-like fatigue which lasted around a week. On some days I had to have a sleep mid-afternoon. I went caffeine free for about 4 months then relapsed, and when I stopped again the withdrawal symptoms were identical. For sure, different people may experience different symptoms.
  10. If you have a coffee habit and you go cold turkey you'll find out just how strong a drug it is. I was quite surprised by the withdrawal symptoms and the fact they continued for over a week
  11. Portafilter the size of a mug. You could get about 100g in that one. Not long back from a couple of weeks in France and mostly Italy. French coffee is still exactly as it was 30 years ago when I lived there. A sort of watered down espresso, but generally acceptable. Every coffee I had in Italy was pretty much uniformly good in terms of extraction and taste. It was great to be able to order a coffee and know that I wouldn't be served some sort of rancid undrinkable slick and be charged £3 for the pleasure. Dont visit here much these days and pretty much ignorant as to what is going on in the coffee world these days.
  12. I've never owned an E61 HX, I had an E61 DB, so you'll have to bear that in mind when you see my answer. It boils down to the ease at which I can achieve consistency.
  13. Spazbarista

    Decaffinated beans

    I really like Coffee Compass range of decaff coffee. I'm on the Premium decaff at the moment. No idea what it is but it hits the spot. As ever, it's worth giving Richard a call for up to date info and flavour advice.
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