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  1. So I got an engineer around in the end as I got confused. Turns out Fracino sent me the wrong connecting part The pressure stat and the tube connection have now been replaced and it's working like a dream. Now I just need to dial in these Presto beans! Thanks everyone.
  2. Got a reply from Fracino after sharing the same case off video: Will order the parts and have a go at fixing in the coming weeks! Thanks everyone!
  3. Thanks all. Case off: https://streamable.com/qabkmc Definitely leaking from the top like you suggested Dave. I actually has the machine serviced in July 2019 but it springs to mind that it's been a good 18 months since the last one! Worth getting a professional in or is this something an amateur and troubleshoot and fix?
  4. Hello! So I have noticed some crusty small stains under the coffee machine. I took the top off and watched if warm up, can see some water bubbling from the top of the boiler than connects to the pressure switch. Early on this video where the boiler is coming up to temp and pressure: https://streamable.com/ohc4ia Once the boiler is on, I'm seeing small escapes of steam on the right hand side of the machine. E.g. https://streamable.com/uiv15f https://streamable.com/u49dts Any ideas from these videos? I haven't taken the casing off before on this Cheru
  5. The pump kicks in little and often, I presume that's to fill the boiler? I can take panels off tomorrow, shall I do this when the machine is on and I presume I'm looking for water drops/pools near the boiler/boiler hardware. I'll take pics and post here, thanks!
  6. One shot usually right at the start of the day. Group head is hot, and water is hot when it pumps through, although time for the water to come through plus the amount of water does seem to be slower and lower. Losing about 1/3 to 1/2 a tank with minimal activity.
  7. Hey My cherub seems to be using a lot of water on nothing. When it's on the water level goes down dramatically without pulling any shots. Is this normal? I've had it since April 2019 and it was fine up until a few weeks ago. It's a 50th anniversary Fracino Cherub I picked up second hand for reference. I have my machine on a WiFi plug to come on at 7am and switch off at 1pm. How much water is normal to be used in standby for that length of time? Any suggestions of what I should try / where I should look? Thanks
  8. Sorry I never got the video sorted. I had it serviced by a freelance engineer and he said it was the pump. Replaced that part and it's now operating smoother and MUCH quieter! So I'm very pleased I got it sorted - even if the service + parts was £215! It's a 2013 machine so I'm glad I have peace of mind that everything is now up to scratch and should be fine as long as I keep on top of regular maintenance.
  9. Will try and get one filmed for you guys. When. I've tried before, the noise doesn't sound too loud when filmed. Will see what you guys think. Not too sure to be honest, I couldn't really figure much out when I opened it up.
  10. Hello I bought my Fracino Cherub second hand from another domestic owner who had looked after it very well. I had it picked up and delivered by a courier and once I set it up everything seemed was working great. The one thing that still bugs me is that it's super loud! When pulling an espresso I place my hand on the right side of the case and firmly push and it lessens the noise it makes. I have opened it up and couldn't see any obvious offenders - does anyone have any suggestions for things I should check/tighten? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
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