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  1. Hiya, I’d also be interested in one of these please. I’ll drop you a message on Instagram for some videos if you have any. Thanks
  2. This is a good find, I've been looking for one intermittently for a while. I've added myself to the mailing list but I agree, it's not particularly cheap if you end up paying import tax.
  3. Good find! I've found all the new colours in their international site. Hopefully this link will work... https://www.loveramics.com/products/egg-300ml-cafe-latte-cup-saucer-granite-carmel-gunpowder I don’t think the website does the colours justice if the blue one you have is anything to go by.
  4. Sorry for not updating, mine arrived last week but I've been back at work and haven't had chance to post a photo. Yes @Joe shorrock, how on earth did you get that???
  5. puffin1

    Water Filter

    Fingers crossed they’ll come up with the goods. I think they were fed up of people not changing filters and then complaining the machine wasn’t working properly so it was cheaper to send out free filters than send a engineer.
  6. puffin1

    Water Filter

    @Dalerstdid you not have a leaflet in your machine offering free water filters for a year? I bought my machine about 10 months ago and did, a friend bought one Novermber and didn’t. They did however email sage asking about it and they honoured it and they now send out a filter every 3 months the same as I get. Might be worth a cheeky email.
  7. @Dalerstthat doesn’t sound right, I have the never version with the blanking disk without the hole and I’ve never found the pressure to build up that much during a cleaning cycle. As @JSR said, I also now use a cheaper branded cafiza tablet from amazon and had no issues whatsoever.
  8. Yeah I’ll happily take the old stock off their hands. Still no sign of a delivery here. I didn’t order until late Friday night, maybe you ordered earlier and they got yours shipped sooner. I’d say me looking forward to them being delivered is down to the lockdown but I remain at work and life is very much the same for me, I just love a delivery of anything coffee related irrespective of what else is going on 😆
  9. I can see another order being placed when they bring those out. I can also see me having to clear some more cupboard space!
  10. @tobyjrn6 I ordered mine late Friday evening, this morning I had an email updating me they’d been shipped but no tracking details. It feels like ages since I ordered but that’s probably because there isn’t a whole lot else going on at the moment and I’m waiting for that little box of joy to arrive. They may also have fewer staff etc so I’ll try and be more patience 😊 @grumbleI’d underestimated how nice the gunpowder was now I’ve seen your photo. I only bought a saucer for a piccolo glass, I wish I’d bought a cup too now.
  11. I just spent nearly £30 too! Thankfully I managed to convince a friend they need a cup and saucer and added an extra saucer to take it above the £30 free postage limit so I only paid 6p for it. It felt like a bargain at the time but I’ve still spent more than I should 🤣
  12. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll take a look now 😃
  13. I know your advert is a few weeks old now but I have a Motta levelling tool which I brought to use with my Sage BE. If you’re still interested I’ll dig it out and send you some photos and a price. I just didn’t get to grips with it stopped using it quite quickly.
  14. @tobyjrn6Yeah I’ve considered the outlet, it’s just 6 of anything seems a little excessive as there’s only me who’ll use them. Maybe people will be having a spring clean while all this is going on and I’ll be able to step in and take some stuff off their hands.
  15. Hiya, I’m looking to extend my coffee cup collection and wondered if anyone has any acme or loveramics cups and/orsaucers they’re looking to sell. It’s not the tulip shape I’m after but the traditional shape cups and saucers in an espresso, flat white or cappuccino. I’m also after just an espresso saucer on its own. I hope that makes sense. I can only see the acme being sold in packs of 6 which is a little excessive for me. Thank you!
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