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  1. I tried with medium-coarse grind while all others were the same and found that flavors were little sharper than 300 ml and coarse grind. At 300 ml and coarse grind, flavors were rounder. I found that when I go finer, flavors getting sharper.
  2. Understood. I am brewing with coarse grind for 300 ml. For 200 ml, should I go with medium-coarse or medium?
  3. For reducing brew size with original coffee:water ratio, why should I grind finer?
  4. Hi, I am new to coffee brewing adventure. I have 3 cup Chemex, Hario Mini Mill, kitchen scale. I found 4:6 brewing method and I used it with 300 ml water, 15 gr coarsed grind coffee and distilled water. My cup was very good. Now I want to use it with 200 ml water. But I am not sure will I use the same coffee:water ratio, coarse grind with 200 ml water? Should I change anything?
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