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  1. Nice to see this thread started some years ago. At least Brighton Lanes is still going. It's my most favorite on the Coffee Compass Espresso range and wondered if blends can stop being produced? I hope Brighton keeps going. I'm fairly new and still only with CC. After Brighton Lanes I like Gusto Gold then Malabar Hit. Been trying Rave and Modern Standard ranges when I'm in Sainsbury's, but they are such different taste from Coffee Compass. Don't get on with them really.
  2. Thanks. I have some from Rave. Nice cheap 500g bag to learn. (haven't opened them yet. Hope they're nice and green- there's no use by date on them) Once I've gotten to a decent roasting I'll probably start ordering the greens from my current supplier, Compass
  3. Yes, it is has always been a slog to get the water through.
  4. Learning about home roasting and saw a maker yesterday. It's an Elpine 1200w. Has the side vents to rotate the coffee. Now where do I get green beans if I don't get a chance to visit artisan coffee shops near me. Is it ok to ask my supplier by post to supply me with a small sample?
  5. I use an Aeropress. 20g coffee to 50 grams water. For long time I was using starbucks espresso. Before I had a grinder they would do it for me and I noticed how much more chocolate the taste was when they did a very fine grind by accident. I do this with my own Encore (after the screw mod) now. So a quick brew too compared to normal espresso brew time. I've moved away from starbucks now and trying artisans but still keeping to a v.fine grind
  6. Hi. Noob here. I've been sort of obsessed for some years in having a very fine grind for my espresso (a friend said it was almost Turkish) I'm sure there is more flavour this way than a courser espresso grind. I've done this the same old way for a long time. Now I've just joined CF and interested if other people do it this way?
  7. Just started trying different coffees at the same time and have only one canister for the grounds at the moment. I've been trying the green Stayfresh bags. Seems to be working at keeping the grounds a little longer. And could apply to whole beans I guess. Anyone else used these bags?
  8. Hi, please congratulate me for finally getting away from starbucks beans for the last eight years. I found Coffee Compass- an excellent easy switch. My favorite is the Malabar Hit followed by Sweet Bourbon so far. The Mediterranean Mocha was enjoyable too. Next up is the Ethiopian Highland and Brighton Lanes. I have Aeropresses stashed around family, home and work. Just treated myself to a Baratza Encore recently and planning on having some fun with a popcorn maker to try roasting. Cheers.
  9. Sooo glad I saw this post. I am a SB Espresso lover too. I love the chocolately caramel taste (I call my self a SB whore for fun- I will learn good coffee one day). I'm concerned too about the corporate image. I will be trying recommendations in this post. Thank you
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