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  1. I spent a while trying to find some beans that both myself and the wife could agree on. We both like a flat white and through trial and error found that we couldn't really get lighter roast stuff to work for us and so having tried stuff we picked up on holiday in Costa Rica, various types from Hasbean and stuff from a roaster local to us, we decided to leave the lighter stuff for other methods and find something which hit the spot with the coffee machine. Probably my lack of skill with the machine at the time, but every coffee we made came out so sour that we went cross eyed. Our local co
  2. Good luck. Surprisingly easy to do, but do follow the advice to use something to apply the molykote other than your fingers. I got some on my fingers and had to wash my hands about 5 times before the residue came off!
  3. Thanks for this thread. I was aware that the lever on my Mozzafiato was feeling a bit "scratchy" and invested in some Molykote off eBay. The difference is night and day. Glad I managed to rectify the lack of maintenance as soon as I did (not that a year into ownership is great) as the cam and lobes seemed in okay shape. I'll be sure to lubricate everytime I run cleaner through the machine, now I know how easy it is to do. As an aside, my tube of Molykote looks like it will last longer than the machine given how little of the stuff you need!
  4. It was circa £1,750 from recollection. Though I also bought a host of accessories at the same time and so got a nice little discount on those.
  5. I went to BB with the intention of buying a Rocket, but having read all about the performance levels of other machines which matched or exceeded that of Rocket at a lower price point I decided to go with an open mind. We looked at Lelit, ECM and a handful of others. What did I walk away with - a Rocket Mozzafiato Type R. Despite the other machines potentially being better and offering better value for money, in the end I just had to have the Rocket on my work surface. As much as I'm all about getting the best bang for my money, I'm also very aware of the fact that the aesthetics are reall
  6. Last time I was in Bella Barista there was a pair of Minima's in the second hand section towards the back. It might be worth dropping them a line and seeing what they have - I know there were a few that made it onto the website recently too.
  7. Hi all. Just wanted to introduce myself and say thanks for all the helpful advice tucked away on this forum. I’ve been looking to upgrade from the stove top moka pot for years and finally managed to acquire some real estate in the kitchen for my new Rocket Mozzafiato Evo type R and Niche grinder. Based on the advice from on here I popped to Bella Barista which was only about 40 minutes from me and they were fantastic. We walked through all the different machines and the different features and I settled on this one because I love the design, but it also has a rotary pump which w
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