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  1. Two arrived for me today as well.. box intact but both warped, one worse than the other. First pulls using a 15g VST seemed good though, further testing needed though
  2. @Waitforme Yes, I added the flow control device later. To be honest I don't really use it much - it's nice to be able to control the rate of preinfusion but I would be quite happy without it. It doesn't necessarily improve the coffee, it can just make it different. It adds another variable which I don't really have time to play with at the moment!
  3. I went for a Pro 600, had it for nearly 18 months now. Very happy with it and most likely would choose it again if I was buying a machine now. A bit smaller than the P700/Synchronika which was a must for me as kitchen space is limited. Vibe pump was also a plus for me - smaller, the noise doesn't bother me, more gentle ramp up and easy/cheap to replace if it fails (~£15-20). Only downside really is that you can't plumb in (easily... I think it is technically possible to plumb in a vibe pump machine as I'm sure someone did it on the Home Barista forum), but I don't think I would ever
  4. Would also like to add my excellent experience in dealing with Niche: In July I had a small issue with my grinder so I emailed James at Niche he sent a brand new grinder the next day to test alongside mine. Once I tested them both side by side over a couple of days and found that the new one was more consistent, they let me keep the brand new grinder. Given that my grinder was over a year old at this point, they went above and beyond what I expected - truly exceptional service. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Niche to anyone - they actually care about their customers and stand behin
  5. Also had a good experience with my Barista Express - bought it in 2014 and used it multiple times a day until June 2019 (when I upgraded) with no problems whatsoever. Still use it occasionally for holidays and really the only weak point is the grinder. But it was still more than good enough to keep me happy for 5 years! A fantastic machine for the money in my opinion and I would still recommend it now.
  6. Very sad news. Significant loss to the forum, very disappointing.
  7. Just to note if you have a newer one with 2 bar steam you can't set both boilers to come on simultaneously, at least that is the case with the newer PID in the Profitec 600 and the newer 700 models (there is no longer a setting 5 under F02). Never had a problem with losing steam pressure in sequential mode (brew priority) though. What temperature are you running your steam boiler at? If you can't set simultaneous heating then maybe setting steam boiler priority could be a work around? Not exactly ideal but there should be enough thermal mass in the E61 group to keep brew temps reasonably
  8. I think it is hard to find the variety of different coffees that you get with caffeinated beans but that doesn't mean there aren't any decent decaf beans out there. I've cut out caffeine for the last month or so and really have been enjoying some good decafs. From Rave I regularly order their Seasonal decaf, which is excellent, and their Swiss Water decaf, which is also pretty good. I tried the Climpson and Sons's decaf a few months ago and was very impressed with that - I will definitely be ordering that again. Likewise Foundry's and Hasbean's offerings are always good. Just pl
  9. I'll take two cappuccino cups if they are still available. Thanks
  10. Not attractive but a very useful tool! A must on an HX in my opinion. I even had one installed on my dual boiler for a while to get to grips with how long the group takes to fully heat up (40 minutes, even though the manual says 15 minutes... No chance!) Once you get to grips with how your machine runs you could probably remove it, but I think the thermometer is more useful than a pressure guage for an HX, even with the flow control device.
  11. Yes you can do that but you have to be careful you don't lower the lever completely as that will empty the pre-infusion chamber in the group and possibly disrupt the coffee puck, ruining the extraction. You need to lower it to just the midway position where the pump has only just turned off (so the switch behind the E61 lever is no longer engaged). But with that method the flow rate is still the stock flow (~7.5ml/sec for my Profitec vibe pump E61). With the flow control you can reduce the flow to <1ml/sec where you can do a Slayer style pre-infusion of 20-30 seconds+ for example.
  12. You should be able to set it so it turns off completely, if you unscrew the round black knob, you can lift the top part of the flow control device, turn it all the way to the right making sure it isn't completely touching the main body of the E61 mushroom before you tighten the knob again (it can help if you place a piece of paper in the gap while you do this)
  13. Very nice setup! I like the black and red steam/hot water knobs on the ECM!
  14. I think I posted in the wrong thread before, please can someone send me the code? Would like to give these guys a try. Many thanks!
  15. Yeah - I am also quite confused. Multiple different coffees. Dialled in as best as I could. Two back to back coffees (with any bean), can be 10-15 seconds difference between the two shots. I weigh into the grinder but must admit I haven't weighed the output, would be a good idea to test this if I reinstall the disk. Would be interesting to see the grind results with a kruve but I don't have one unfortunately. All the beans I have at the moment are medium/dark - given the problems I was having I thought it would be best to keep clear of lighter roasts at the moment. Caff - Rave Signat
  16. All beans I have tried, both caffeinated and decaf (all fresh beans within a month from roast but rested for at least 7 days).
  17. I had the same thought about the flow control valve so I made sure to remove that as a variable. I set the valve to the stock flow rate (~7.5 ml/s) and reinstalled the original spring to get the stock pre-infusion; it was still inconsistent with the disc installed. I have been running it without the NFC disc since yesterday and it seems to have gone back to normal, only +/- 2 seconds between back to back shots and easy to dial in. I don't mind running it without the disc as that the way the grinder was when I bought it and I am very happy with it. It just concerns me a little that th
  18. Good to know, thanks. I didn't think that would be causing the issue.
  19. So I reinstalled the disc a couple of weeks ago, cleaning the grinder completely when I did, and I have just had to remove it again today. I really cannot get any sort of consistency with the disc installed. I make two shots back to back with exactly the same grind setting.. this morning the first was 17g in/34g out in 25 seconds, the second was over 45+ seconds with no change in the grind setting at all. Changing the grind setting by less than half a mark can change the time by over 10 seconds, it just seems really sensitive and unpredictable. I go back and forth between two types of bea
  20. I think that sounds quite normal to me? Just the sound of the water boiling when the element turns on. The service boiler in my Profitec does the same when initially heating and when the element kicks in (although maybe it's not quite as loud, but it's a smaller boiler and its insulated). Maybe someone more experienced can comment, but personally I don't think it is anything to worry about...
  21. I'd like to give them a try too, if someone could please send me the code. Many thanks!
  22. It looks like it goes back to the tank, whole latte love have a parts diagram on their wiki: https://wiki.wholelattelove.com/images/5/50/PRO_300_Parts_Diagram.pdf
  23. I had the disc installed for a few weeks in April but really wasn't getting along with it very well... Shot consistency went down the drain and I was getting channeling much more often, and taste was poor as a consequence. Been running it without it for the last few weeks and all is well. It could well be my technique as I heard it can be less forgiving with the disc installed. I might try it again at some point in the future but I am very happy with the workflow and taste of the coffee without it at the moment.
  24. I have a Niche and My father has the 270Wi and we have compared them side by side. Build quality of the Niche feels much much better, I am confident it will last much longer than his 270Wi. I couldn't say if one tasted better than the other in the cup but the Niche was definitely easier to dial in. The workflow is very different for each. My father is considering buying a Niche as well, but he wouldn't part with the 270Wi as he loves how easy it is to make a few shots in a row in the morning. In my opinion: 270Wi: Pros: ease of use, don't have to weigh out beans, accurate to 0.1
  25. Hi, welcome to the forum! I have experience with both machines - I have a Pro 600 and my father has the Pro 500 PID. Both machines are excellent but there are some advantages to the Pro 600. Firstly, yes, the temperature with on the 500 is more controllable now that it has a PID, but due to differences in manufacturing tolerances (and possibly differences in ambient temperature?), you can’t really rely on the table in the manual which tells you what boiler temperature equates to what brew temperature (there’s some posts about this on the Home Barista forums). Really, due to the HX d
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