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  1. I don’t think it’s a big deal really. The Minima was nice in that you could backflush all you want without worrying about it, but with the lever e61 I backflush after each session just with water and backflush with detergent and lubricate once a month. It’s quite a simple job to lubricate the lever mechanism - it only takes a couple of minutes.
  2. It’s a solid combo. I have a Niche, and I love it, and I did have a Minima for around a month. The best thing for me about the Niche is the single dosing - yes, it can be a pain sometimes BUT it means you can change beans whenever you want; I usually have a couple of different beans on the go, and a decaf for later on, so it is nice to be able to change beans without having to purge the grinder and have wastage etc. Unfortunately I was a bit unlucky with the minima - It arrived faulty (a cable was trapped between the casing causing it to trip my RCD), and a few weeks later it failed (possibly damage caused by it repeatedly tripping out), but I’m sure that was just a one off. For the few weeks that it did work though, it made absolutely fantastic coffee. If it is taste in cup and steaming power that is important to you, it’s hard to be disappointed with the Minima. However, it does feel a bit cheap, for example the drip tray is plastic inside and the outer metal part vibrates against the case, the water tank is flimsy, it has a burn steam wand (some may see this an advantage but I was always burning myself on it, even when using the rubber sleeve) and it has regular compression hot water and steam valves, BUT as far as I know there is no other dual boiler close to its specs for the price. There has got to be some compromises somewhere! When mine failed Bella Barista kindly offered to exchange the machine for something else, so I traded it for a Profitec 600 (extra £500), and for me, I am much happier with the Profitec. You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the coffees that each machine made, but the higher build quality made it worth the extra cost for me.
  3. I seem to remember the oracle has a fan to try and keep the beans/grinder hopper cool? If so, I think there is a way to turn it off Edit - yeah, see this video: around 5 min 25s
  4. I have a BWT filter jug and it seems pretty good - they supposedly exchange Ca2+ in the water for Mg2+ .. it tastes good anyway, I also use it for coffee. Can get the jugs and filters on Amazon, think they are around £15 for 4, so comparable to Brita
  5. Wow, what a find! Fantastic!! I also recently upgraded to the Minima from a Barista Express, I agree, a huge step up! Enjoy!!
  6. jscott

    Hi all!

    Hi all, I'm James. I thought it was time I made a proper introduction post! I have been reading the forums on and off for a few years but only recently decided to properly upgrade my coffee setup. I started off with a Delonghi bean to cup machine in 2012, and while it was very easy, it was a pain to clean, the grinder was difficult to adjust and taste was lacking. I upgraded to a Sage Barista express at the end of 2014 which was a massive step up, but over the last year or so I found it was a bit limiting. I bought a Niche Zero grinder last month which was a huge step up over the inbuilt Sage grinder, but around the same time my Dad bought a Profitec 500 HX machine and from playing around with it when I went to visit, I just knew I had to upgrade the Sage to a proper prosumer machine! I had narrowed down my choice to a couple of machines: the Lelit Mara, which looks fantastic for the price, or the Profitec 300, which seems like a nice compact machine, but small boilers and not as attractive as E61 machines. I was about to go for the Profitec when I came across the ACS Minima, which looked fantastic from @DavecUK's review, and good timing as Bella Barista were just about to get them back in stock! I received the Minima this week and so far I am really happy with it. I had some issues with it initially (see my other thread), but this is resolved now. I have it linked up to a WiFi plug so it is warmed up and ready to go each morning and in combination with the Niche is making fantastic tasting espresso. Steam power is crazy, so I really need some more practice to get nice some nice microfoam! Cheers
  7. Yeah, I was quite surprised myself! It’s working fine this morning, very very nice machine. Steam power is incredible!
  8. Yes, good idea, I will do that. Thanks Dave
  9. So I have made some progress... I tried it again and I noticed a noise from the solonoid valve in the group as soon as it tripped the RCD. So I removed the shroud from the solonoid valve and it looked like the blue wire (live?) to the solonoid valve was stuck between the copper pipe return to the boiler and the post that the screw goes into. I moved it out of the way, the sheath on the cable still appears to be intact, and now it seems to be fine; holding at 93 (with the 17 degree offset) for the last 10-15 minutes now.
  10. Thanks for your reply, but unfortunately I only have one ring main for sockets (small flat) so I can't try any others. I had the same thought earlier and have tried with everything else turned off and it still happens. I have tried different sockets to no avail. Interestingly I did just manage to get it to heat to 110 (Minus offset so 93), but when I turned the machine off and on again it tripped immediately.
  11. Just tried again and it tripped again at 95 (with 0 offset, so 78). I tried with the top cover off and there are no obvious leaks or noises, I also removed the side cover to have a look under the boiler and there doesn't appear to be any leaks. The service boiler seems to work fine, heats to 125 with no problems. I have emailed BB so I will see what they say tomorrow.
  12. Thanks for your help. I tried it with the top panel off and I couldn't see or hear anything obviously leaking. If I set the brew boiler offset to 0 on the PID and set the temp to 80 (so equivalent to 63 with the offset set at 17?), it will heat up and stay stable at that temp, but once I set the temp above 90 (73 with offset), it trips the RCD. Just quickly having something to eat but I will try again to double check nothing is leaking in the next half an hour or so. Cheers
  13. Hi All, Been reading the forum for a while, and just bought an ACS Minima from Bella Barista, mainly due to the great reviews. The machine arrived today, but unfortunately, it isn't working properly. I followed the instructions and filled the boilers with the elements turned off, and water flows from the group with no problems. I then turned the boilers to heat, and the brew boiler reaches 70-77 degrees C and then trips the RCD circuit breaker for the whole flat. I then couldn't turn the machine back on without it tripping again. After 10-15 minutes, it cooled down a bit and it did turn back on, but again, once it reaches around 75 degrees, it trips the RCD. It does this if I just turn on the brew boiler and if I have both boilers turned on. Does anyone have any idea on what could be the problem? Could be be something simple or am I going to have to return the machine to be fixed? Many thanks James
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