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  1. All shops closed now used to have one on ecclesall road and in meadowhall
  2. Smelt the coffee before you saw the factory
  3. Never asked but foil bag always warm was a family business that's been doing it for 100 year plus
  4. I aim to stay around after the car has gone. I enjoyed selling people coffees of all description and them telling me they beat Costas and Starbucks hands down. I enjoyed the job because I was passionate about the coffee I made so will give people advice on there predicaments wether it be there blends or there machines. Every day I drove past a roasting factory on my way home and bought a fresh bag for the next day and therein lies the first and best bit of advice. Cheers
  5. One thing I've learnt in my 5 years of selling coffee on the streets with my car. NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER Just because I came on this site to do someone a favour and make a good living out of the same thing I did does not make me a criminal or bad person. Where I was placed I had to have a clear criminal record and treat people with respect. Think on.
  6. Mick H

    Coffee car

    I know but it's only what the fracino Manuel says. I'm only quoting what it says 😁
  7. Mick H

    Coffee car

    So true in my dreams eh 500 pounds an hour would be great
  8. Mick H

    Coffee car

    Smart car passion converted into a mobile coffee business with fracino duel fuel two group machine. Smart car passion '53 reg 49K, MOT until Oct 2019, recently serviced Fracino duel fuel with two group barista machine, capable of 240 cups per hour. Machine has had a recent descale. Also included; - fracino grinder - sink with tap and 70L fresh water tank - inverter, water pump £6500 - no offers
  9. Cheers for the help😁
  10. No as did not have permission to post it. Think I rushed straight in and dropped a clanger posting it on the site. I've had my own business 5 yes so not just a freeloader and do know a thing or too about coffee businesses and would give good free advice to anyone
  11. Not posted this anywhere but here. Have emailed coffee car businesses but they were happy with what they had but said would bare me in mind. All the free advertising companies and we know who they are want it for nothing which is disrespectful so never go there.
  12. If it's something someone wants and they think it's a fair price then I'm giving somebody on this forum first shout.Rather than the outside world so by being a member your getting benefits
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