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  1. De’Longhi ECAM28.465.M Prima Donna S Deluxe Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine. This has had a full service, part replacement and descale by De’Longhi in June of this year (at £170 cost) and has been sat in it's box since then. You can view the service report image and also note the protective plastic and tag from the service are still in place. The unit does not come with the milk carafe as it was lost during a move. We found it better to froth milk using the steam head, but the carafes can be picked up as spares for around £50 I believe. This machine is in great condition cosmetically and was purchased from John Lewis, for around £900, I will attempt to locate the receipt for the buyer. Price: £400 Cash on collection, from Twickenham, TW1.
  2. Welcome to the forum. Some great info here.
  3. brewd

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    Welcome to the forum!
  4. Welcome. The Niche has been great for my purposes. However, I'm not in the position to compare it to anything else as it's the first grinder I've owned! It's great for single doses. Weight in vs weight out is practically identical, you only need to weight beans on the way in.
  5. These are back in stock at BB. I made the decision to purchase over the weekend, called up this morning to ask a couple of questions before purchase and was told there is no stock but it was due hopefully by the end of the month. 2 hours later I had an email stating that they had arrived
  6. Hi all, Been lurking for a week absorbing the heaps of great info here. Have ordered a Niche grinder + asked BB to put aside an ACS Minima for me (which are due in stock soon-ish I think). Super excited to get up and running making some real coffee. Currently own a Delonghi BTC machine which just got back from repair. I've decided BTC is no longer for me after learning here that it's possible to make top quality espresso at home with the right skills and equipment, so the Delonghi will go up for sale soon. Currently on my shopping list: Wifi timer plug Scales Bottomless E61 portafilter (can anyone recommend any for use with a Minima?) Tamper Cookamesh for tray/cup warmer Some new mugs Tamping mat Essential Waitrose water Will be making 2-3 drinks per day, 1-2 of which would be milk drinks. I have a few questions to get started, any input would be appreciated: Does anyone know how often it's necessary to descale a machine such as the Minima when using machine-friendly bottled water? Would descaling with hard tap water be appropriate, sounds like a decent volume of water is needed for the flushing. How often do people backflush? Is it ok to leave the service boiler on for 9 hours per day? Thanks
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