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  1. Well, to whet round twelver's appetites with the fabulous attention to detail on the Osmio I offer the following photo of a section from the packaging. And the manual contains this immortal line I'm still trying to decipher. "The system should be plugged into a normal UK 3 pin plug at your home or workplace and not be used in addition to AC 220-240V, 220V." Happy waiting one and all. Oh and the cartoon says Life Expectancy 1500 litres, not making clear whether that is the filters or the whole caboodle. Makes you proud to speak English doesn't it? :)
  2. There is a growing resource for Kaffelogic's Nano 7 on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=kaffelogic for those thirsting for more information. Of particular interest is a number of videos providing an online seminar - a virtual cafe - for owners; they are raw and clunky as they are real-time recordings of online sessions but provide insights to ownership. Interested buyers really don't have to wait for BB and CE approval; a machine can be directly imported.
  3. Thanks everyone for your swift cooperation and a special thanks to @caipiao for organising this round. I have notification of a delivery tomorrow.
  4. Anyone looked at the manual pdf linked in the bumf Osmio sent? What does this mean... "The system should be plugged into a normal UK 3 pin plug at your home or workplace and not be used in addition to AC 220-240V, 220V." ? And I'm not sure I can manage this, especially past bedtime... "If there is any abnormal sound, smell, or smoke, etc., please disconnect the power and contact the customer service centre." I can see flatus is going to be a problem.
  5. Invoice received and paid.
  6. atitacoffee.com is a new entrant I can recommend. Last season the guy was selling his father's Yirgacheffe naturals. The greens didn't look much but my golly what a taste in the cup. He is now sourcing other beans of Ethiopian origin..
  7. If DavecUK is still chugging on testing this roaster there has been a development.... As well as the the Classic profile loaded on the machine and a few other contributed profiles from enthusiasts Kaffelogic have released twelve official profiles for use with the machine. The company's approach is to choose a profile based on bean density - the analogue, of course, being the bean's grown altitude. https://kaffelogic.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=201 refers.
  8. Jump at the chance! Although I can't see Jacinda Ardern opening NZ borders to Brits anytime soon. Why would they? No new cases of Corvid-19 in three weeks and us in the UK about to start a second wave. Then a third.. Certification is a red herring: it works fine under Au/NZ certificates. It is 240v and works fine. And you just know the BB price isn't going to be light; they have to pay DavecUK his cut.
  9. Ah, you believe in 'worth' being more than just the intrinsic cost of production plus a small margin for profit and distribution then?
  10. You may ask and I respond willingly. My roaster arrived after being thrown about by the couriers. I was warned that the 'reward' models for early backers were packed with 'green', as in environmental and limited, packaging and would likely not perform well for international delivery. So I arranged for it to be delivered to a family member in NZ with the request to her to re-pack before posting. She misunderstood and it got sent on to me as delivered to her. On the way the motor anti-vibration mounts became detached and at first switch on I was met with a rattle and a graunch as the air im
  11. Put the machine on its back. When disassembling be careful to keep the black top and the roast chamber together; they are supposed to become an interference fit at first use. And to keep the top and roast chamber in place whilst reassembling I used a large rubber band (of the type the postman delivers). The photo says it all!
  12. OK Chaps! let me make a short commentary on a couple of points I noticed in DavecUK's video review - which is, I understand, work in progress. 1. Kitchen extraction fan; I have an Elica extraction hood. I have no door to my kitchen and on level 2, out of 3 levels, my fan extracts everything outside. I think DavecUK needs to put the cooker-hood extractor on a higher setting. 2. Using the Classic roast program is an excellent place to start. The Classic profile is designed to give around 20 -25% Development Time Ratio using a roast level of 3.3. If you, as DavecUK did, reduce the roa
  13. @DavecUK If you all recall I posted here last year about my initial thoughts on the Kaffleogic Nano 7. I was heavily jumped on for supposedly promoting something dishonestly. I was accused of having a pecuniary interest in the product. I didn't then and don't now. But the natural assumption was 'I was up to no good'. The Kaffelogic Marketing Director was shot to pieces when he chimed in. Some were upset he never used his job title when introducing himself. But he is a Kiwi; the last thing Kiwis do, unlike us Brits, is to puff themselves. He's gone and likely won't come back. So with
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