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  1. FlatWhitey, you should count also that a lot of people and companies can afford comprehensive promotion for their channels in Instagram or TikTok, and they simply order every single offering like increasing number of fans which will be subscribed to a channel ( simple example: https://hypetik.com/buy-tiktok-fans/ ), and that's how they get higher positions in top lists of users.
  2. And did you try the different size of connection tubes?
  3. Approximately one month ago, I've had the similar issue with filling the tank. I've installed cheap Chinese faucet and water was leaking, somewhere between it and the water tank of coffee machine. But after that I've decided to change it to more expensive model Hansgrohe Axor (one of these: https://cozyhousetoday.com/best-luxury-kitchen-faucets-reviews/), and the issue has gone. I like it, that some manufacturers make kitchen faucets nowadays from premium materials.
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