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  1. Hm, fair enough - it seems to be a feature of every other forum I have ever been on (not necessarily a html editor, but at least an 'advanced' editor you can change the code that effects the formatting) - and regardless of how well implemented the forum is they still come in useful from time to time. For example when making a post with several quotes, being able to customise the user field can be useful for an explanatory post, you might wish to make the quote from "A user on HB Forum" for example. I'm sure you could one-by-one implement such features into the normal reply box but why do this when these outlier cases can be solved with an advanced editor? Keeping things clean is IMHO a poor excuse, it's easier to make a rule about hard to read or gawdy posts and enforcing it - other forums with advanced editors have very little to no misuse of the editor even without such a rule.
  2. @Tait Also can I delete one of my own posts if (like above) I make a double post?
  3. Hey @Tait There aren't really any details to PM, on I think every other forum I have ever visited there is a regular reply box as we are all used to and then an 'advanced' editor which allows you to edit the html or other type of code that defines the formatting of the post. Do you understand what I mean? I can grab screen shots from other forums if you like? Or is there a reason you don't actually want to implement an advanced/code editor?
  4. @Tait Any response on an advanced editor for replies?
  5. @Tait Did you see any of my questions about an 'advanced' editor so we can see the html and adjust it ourselves if there is any weirdness from (for example) copy and paste?
  6. This may have already been covered but is there a way to have unread content only show topics with new content once - rather than once for each new post in that topic? When it's busy some things seem to get buried quite quickly.
  7. Your customer is actually Magneto.
  8. Totally bemused by the outcry over the change. Public releases very very rarely show no bugs after testing, if you follow large game or software releases in the slightest you will know this, and they have pools of testers in the thousands and a huge pool of software devs. How anyone can be so upset about their forum browsing experience being marginally changed for them is totally beyond me. I've said it in other threads but if you want to know if people think this change is at the least harmless and and the best a positive change in many aspect with a few teething problems then yea - that's me.
  9. Yea it seems like when you hit quote then reply that it doesn't actually have the post contents in the quote. If it's possible to change the default copy/paste behaviour as well its very annoying having standard paste paste in the background colour - at the very least and as above can we get a html view so its easily removable.
  10. If you want espresso on the go I would thoroughly recommend the Flair, I also pair it with a Feld and the combo often produces better espresso than my VBM HX.
  11. Is there a "go advanced" or "switch to html editor" option for replies? A comment I made in the John Wick thread after pasting text changed the BG colour of the text - but I couldn't find a way to view the html to remove the funky formatting.
  12. Ok the forum is doing something fucking weird with pasted text - the BG colour was not my doing.
  13. To be fair, at this stage the movie is pretty much 100% self aware, and for me that makes it OK. When an action movie is trying to pretend it's also high quality drama is when things fall apart. For John Wick when a line is delivered as if to set him up for a cool action movie quote like: "You pissed John? Cause I'm pissed" And the response is a completely effortless "Yeah" For me that is self referential enough to just be funny. KR knows he isn't the best actor in the world, and JW knows it isn't a serious movie. If you approach it from that angle its just a load of shameless fun.
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