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  1. Is that a pic from your phone JR? I have a bar at the top with three icons - a three bar menu, a search icon and a newspaper front page icon - which seems to take me to most recent posts - or "all activity" I think it may just be a matter of them tweaking the mobile formatting. It is odd how the formatting is responding - if I browse on my phone but change to 'desktop site' it gives me the desktop version but the 'New Posts' button is indeed missing.
  2. Dylan

    Too much for me

    I like it, I'm a little unsure of what is so different apart from the obvious theme/layout changes.
  3. I'm a fan of this change, thought the old style was a bit dated, this is much more new internet.
  4. Circular saw is definitely a good buy, a mitre saw will make angled cuts and specific lengths a doddle. A good drill and impact driver are also super useful. For a bit of DIY here and there the screwfix 'cheap' Titan brand is fine for most things, but if you want it all to last its worth stepping up to the cheaper end of the Dewalt/Makita/Miluwakee etc line. Its worth making a decision on what brand you want now and then investing in their brand for everything. You can then begin to buy tools without batteries for a better price. Its also much less of a pain keeping 4-5 brands of battery charged. I'm sure Jimbo will be along to offer some more expert advice ??
  5. Not sure if it would work as it adds a good 10mm of depth but 2m dual lock is rock solid and you can take the item on and off.
  6. I think it's worth noting that 'inconsistency' is not a flaw in and of itself - inconsistent grind particle size is actually what creates a varied flavour profile. Something like the EK43 has a very tight particle distribution unlike nearly any other grinder and produces a drink unlike any other grinder - but even that has a distribution of particle sizes. I would agree with MWJB that consistency is a misnomer. All you are really trying to avoid is having particles that are significantly different from the norm, some basic experiments show popcorning seems to do this - however all that said when you single dose a Mazzer SJ you get noticeable inconsistencies in the shot, even after a good stir (in my experience) where as with the nice the shots themselves are very consistent.
  7. It's one of the lest messy grinders I have ever owned, if that helps... the bits that escape from under the lid are very few and far between in my experience.
  8. If I were you I would send your request in the form of a thinly veiled threat that as you have requested a cancellation in writing before shipping that you are expecting a full and unequivocal refund, and if it is not issued promptly you will issue a chargeback via your card company. Just to prevent them getting any ideas about shipping it and trying to force you to pay. As has been said, it is very unlikely the machine is being assembled in the factory but that they need to shift boxes around to make it look like it was dispatched from a particular place. As they will have put the wheels for this in motion they may well be reluctant to give you your money back, so dont pull any punches. There is also an exception in EU law for things that are genuinely made to order (they can't be cancelled) so they may try and use that - give their T&C's a scan to check but it would be complete BS if they were to attempt this, and your card company would very likely side with you. Hopefully they will just refund, but too many horror stories would put me on the defensive straight away.
  9. The jumpy last few beans, we know this causes inconsistency so they annoy me a bit, but they certainly dont make enough difference to ruin the grind. I pull one shot a day most days, so I like to get out what I put in on the first grind, this means smacking the plastic lid a bit and tapping the cup on the exit tube - although it actually feels solid I do worry I will crack the lid one day or scratch the paintwork by the exit chute. That said, once I have given it a few smacks the output is usually within 0.1g of the input, which is better than nearly any other grinder out there, especially for the price range. Oh and I would quite like a lid to make the shake after the grind a bit easier, I like to give it a good shake with my hand over the top, would be easier with a little lid that could sit underneath the catch cup. That may just be my workflow however. I got it on an early bird, but even at full price for the money there isn't anything else as good and as kitchen friendly as the Niche. Even with the money to get a more expensive grinder I wouldn't change (at least not until the VERY expensive single dosers) I wouldn't change as very few of them are single dose as they are based on commercial settings - for a one drink a day person having beans sat in the grinder means you get worse coffee.
  11. The Skale 2 is very large, I think John has previously said it's not the best scale for general espresso making, but the best option a pre-manufactured BT scale that is open source/works with the Decent Machine. The Decent scale is not yet available. Will be a 2-3 month wait at least for that. dfk - the ones I linked are pretty small. I still use them sideways on but they are definitely one of the smallest scales I have used.
  12. You can pick up a Tiamo Ghost on eBay for £100 which are Acaia tech I believe so should be very accurate. These are what I have been using of late: https://baristashop.co.uk/products/bs23175 Which are doing a good job, seem accurate, quite quick, and crucially - have a timer. BB sell them for £35 under a different brand if you prefer getting from there. If other Chinese scales are anything to go by the brand can indeed make a difference, I got mine from the above link and I'm happy for now however!
  13. Another interesting product: https://www.aram.coffee/
  14. The idea of replacing a working Oracle with a new one for no other reason than having something in marginally better condition seems awfully wasteful to me. But each to their own. A DB with a separate grinder would be a worthy upgrade of it is the extra features/better coffee you are after.
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