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  1. Exactly - I just have to put my eye up against it. And whoever visits, will be doing the same. 'More coffee and eyelashes anyone...?'
  2. Got one of my Apple screens for sale. Condition is excellent. Well cared for, and no dead pixels, screen is clean, and as far as I can see, no scratches on screen or body. Built in HD camera, mic and pretty powerful speakers (generally well built all around). Didn’t keep the boxes unfortunately. So pick up would really be required (approx 11kg). Wanted about £295, but willing to accept a decent offer 👍🏻 Few specs here: https://www.google.co.uk/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwjXwr29h_TjAhUZiNUKHWV-D0UYABAlGgJ3cw&sig=AOD64_3WXfRqQP_bdtW-wJ5EV1YWJGoyUg&ctype=5&q=&ved=0ahUKEwjwvri9h_TjAhW1RRUIHdB0BEUQsEMIQg&adurl=
  3. Hi @Johnny Vertex, looking forward to the pics - was wondering if they have the original boxes etc for packing in & transporting? Thanks, Alex
  4. Achrys

    Hello all

    Welcome 👍🏻
  5. Okay cool, Thanks John - looking forward to seeing the pics! Cheers Alex
  6. Hi John, thanks for this. Do you have prices and photos, and some more info? Thanks Al
  7. Given up on this one now - the guy is unresponsive again. I have the feeling he has no idea, and wants to sell to someone not asking any questions. Oh well, I’ll keep searching!
  8. Sorry for late reply, been to a BBQ and have spent half the day driving back and forth. Nope, just checked, it won’t run Mojave - and general valuation seems to be approx £300-350, depending on condition. 👍🏻
  9. I’ve got High Sierra running on it now (had Yosemite for ages). Runs much better than I was expecting. So Siri, Apple Pay and all that business is compatible - as to value, I’m not really sure - but a quick search via auction sites should give an idea. let me know what it’s worth!
  10. Hi, Would be grateful if anyone has a spare, or unwanted one of these lying around? Just purchased a machine which didn't have one with it. No hurry, still getting my Espresso machine sorted, but will need one soon. Sold Out on Sage website... Thanks Al
  11. This i7 MacBook Pro I have is on 247 cycles - great stuff. Just installed an SSD last week too - amazing the difference it makes to the machine. Even when I’m currently using a highly spec’d 2016 Touch Bar model - it holds its own. Main difference is the weight, and thickness!
  12. Thanks so much. The guy has agreed at least, to switch it on and film it for me. It’s a start - but I won’t be driving there unless I see it powering up at least. And I’ll take a look inside when I’m there too, should help with the negotiation... 👍🏻
  13. LMFAO - YES! I've also got a spare Macbook Pro 2011, i7, 2.2GHZ SSD if anyone wants to buy that too. And about 3 ipads, 😂 I just picked up an 'L-plate' grinder this morning. Sage Smart Grinder Pro. I know they're not brilliant - but bang for buck, they'll start me off just fine! And I defo won't lose any money on it!
  14. There may even be an Apple 27" monitor going for sale soon (1x LCD & 1x Thunderbolt), depends how large he wants to go...
  15. Damn, they were selling for £350 yesterday on Amazon. If you like the black one. And, welcome! You may find a used Oracle at that budget - so it can tamp for your wife too.
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