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  1. The online manual asks for a 6.5mm spanner (which they apparently sell for a couple of quid, and looks awful!) but you're probably right on the BA - it may be a conversion thing on an older nut? I don't have one and used some small grips very carefully (Made the task a little fiddly and longer, but got there in the end).
  2. Glad I’m amongst likeminded people 👍🏻
  3. Yeah, can’t believe that £10 one worked perfectly. The seller said to me she replaced the plastic timer knob in the hole it would work, and just wanted to recover the cost of that! 😖 so, the moral of the story is, if anyone wishes to throw away their Versuvius because the plug fuse has blown, I’d be happy to relieve you of it 🤪
  4. They're great aren't they! I made the mistake many years ago, choosing a Bugatti Volo (instead of the Dualit). I got suckered into the shiny chrome and the smooth motorised loading/ejecting mechanism. That thing was a pain to try and fix. Did it once (thermal fuse replacement), and then an element connector went, so I tossed it in the garage. Going to see if someone with small hands, fancies the fiddly fix on it! lol
  5. Welcome Jim, always great to have a techie onboard!!
  6. As the title suggests - I decided to try and find a faulty Dualit toaster, and bring it back to life. My old Hotpoint one died, as the cage fused itself to the element. Not fab, and defo unsafe as the wire cage was ruined. It was a mid-range toaster, if there's such a thing. I always wanted a Dulait Classic, as they're, well, Classics? Solid construction, British Built, and designed to be maintained by the user - meaning replaceable parts! I can only describe it as looking onto an engine of a 30yr old car, as opposed to nowadays - needing a laptop to start work on it. Anyway, I
  7. LOL - I’m surprised any of my family got any. This thing was awesome, especially whilst warm. Definitely no single dosing, more like a 200g basket 😂
  8. Surprisingly easy - and tasted amazing. I’ll be doing this again!!
  9. Lol, yeah - will need to season the grinder again if I did that! 😆
  10. I vacuum out the chaff, and then just wipe it down with a damp cloth (before and) after each roast - keeping away from the two elements at the back. Takes seconds. But I've only owned it a couple of days, so ask me in 6 weeks lol! I saw the mention of that Green Stuff - was going to google the equivalent - as I'm assuming it'll look like the inside of my popcorn machine - which never got cleaned... Just looked it up: https://www.simplegreen.co.uk/ (Looks like that bottle will last me a lifetime! (May be good for cleaning the grinder chamber etc?)
  11. Defo a good idea to divide the 1kg bags up - otherwise you do get the ‘lucky dip’ roast mix... for friends and family 😂😂 No cupping for me, I’d be terrible at that - although I can usually tell in the evening what the dog had for lunch. 😷 So far I’ve only used the P1 program. My thoughts were ‘This will be the worst I get from it’, so it can only get better from there on once I start controlling the roast more against the chosen bean. I need to start some more serious logging for this to be a success - then I can start experimenting more, and at the same time, resort to ‘old favouri
  12. Thanks @SteveBRS - I’ll defo keep adding to this and sharing. Today I went with my least favourite of the greens I’ve currently got (although still enjoy them), and found that the evenness the Behmor produced looked so much better than all the popcorn machine roasts I’ve done previous. Due to impatience, I used to rest beans for 2 days before dialling in - but also found it sometimes needed another tweak or two over the following couple of days. I’ve got a Super Jolly Electric - so it’s not geared for single dosing, but I’ve got my tricks which help gets most out. How long are you res
  13. I think a home-made cooling tray is defo on the cards. A 13min cool down cycle on 100g just isn’t quick enough. I used to use a chip frying basket and a hairdryer (on cold) and achieved a cool-down in less than 1min. Having said that - excited to get my very first roast: 100g Costa Rican (San Rafael) - 30sec into 1C and then cooled down (door opened for 1min in cooling period to aid the process). 85g yield. really appreciate the above advice and journey notes you’ve made. Thank you.
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