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  1. What was the cost, and how are you finding this Eric? Considering one myself. I’m not getting a bad cup at all with my current technique, but I wouldn’t mind finding ways to speed up the process by going straight to basket. cheers
  2. It does look great - but ooof is right! 😂
  3. Same as this this one (just from another supplier who have sold out now): https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/en/La-Pavoni-Giotto-Grouphead-Pressure-Gauge---5530011/m-4287.aspx I thought about trying to replace the boiler pressure gauge with a Fracino branded dual version - but it meant some bespoke pipe work Inside (and I’m far too lazy! lol) I needed a little ptfe tape in order for it to sit ‘level’ - as it doesn’t have an adjustable nut (Like the Digital thermometer version) but it was very easy to do Still considering how do mount the temp probe in a better fashion (it’s currently cable tied to the top of the e-61)
  4. Haha, yes, the digital probe was reading the group head temp @88-90 much quicker! Did the water recently, but the steam will need doing soon - you’re right, I should have done it! Need to source the parts first though. Would be good to just keep spares in the garage. Thanks again
  5. Okay - resolved both issues in one. removed the covers and ran a blind basket test. It was clocking 12-13bar at the brew head. Adjusted the OPV a 1/4 turn anti-clockwise, and it came down to about 10.5. Did it once more and it sat just on/above 9bar. This time, no leaking from the exhaust! Yes!! Put back together and pulled a 8.5 - 9g shot from a single LM basket. And it was great - much less spitting, quieter, and a nominal amount in the flush afterwards. Taste was fab, and I can certainly see/hear the improvement! appreciate the tech advice! thanks Ps. I dropped the water level sensor back down and made a ‘sharpie’ mark on it - so I know in future if the pressure pushed it up at all. Massive improvement on steam too now.
  6. Achrys

    Any bikers

    From dribbling over a Tomos bike on the rear cover of a catalogue in the 80's - to oogling over a woman on a CBR600RR. Who subsequently is now my wife. We met on a biking forum
  7. Thanks for this thread guys - I'm going to have an attempt at reducing the brew pressure on mine. Noticed some leaking gradually getting more prominent from the E61 exhaust. Bought and installed a brew head pressure gauge and it was showing 13bar. Now, I'm pretty sure that's too high based on what I've seen people talking about - but there's always subjectivity! Personally, I'd like to start lower, around 9 bar - easing the strain on the components, and go from there. I also purchased the E61 rebuild kit online, and installed that last week - it's still leaking under pressure. Took it apart again, checked for soiling around the seals - and all seems pretty good (cleaned again anyway). So now I'm thinking firstly to reduce brewing pressure - as that may resolve the 'leaking'? Not sure at what pressure the assembly would give up and leak anyway? Also wondering if the pump can increase pressure over time? (I know they usually lose it though!) Does get frustrating sometimes, but I love a good tinker - as long as I research it first! Loving the clean manifold shot - will clean mine up too to eliminate any old gunk issues. ps. Will check the probe length too, as when I stripped the boiler earlier this year - I may have installed it a little high - getting a fair amount of 'wet' steam on initial pull (more than a pipe's condensation worth).
  8. Thanks - it’s looking a bit sorry for itself now, but that just means we’ll have to make something else!
  9. Ive got m I've got my routine, Jug is kept in the fridge with the milk - so it's starting to get consistent. My wife just won't attempt to make me a coffee now... lol
  10. i hold the milk jug until it's too hot to handle, but I'd like to know exactly what the temp is when I do that. I'd say Im fairly consistent, but it does heat up quickly with 4 steam holes and only 4oz milk. I think a temp gauge would get in the way of the small jug - so a sticker/tag may work better? Nice thread, so many variables as usual, and interesting to see what people are doing...
  11. Thanks so much Luke, these are just what I needed. Really appreciate the amazing fast turnaround! Alex 👍🏻
  12. Hi, can I take a regular 7 & 14g LM APF filter please - if still available? thanks Alex
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