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  1. My Expobar Pulser is pretty small. Not much wider than a Classic.
  2. I'd offer £180 cash if I was in London (I am) but also wanted one.
  3. The "restrict" option should not be split into two options. There should be one option for restricted access, and then the number of posts required should be decided from there. Unless of course, you are going to combine the two "restricted" percentages together.
  4. Yes, me here: http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?8690-Is-this-what-I-think-it-is-a-Luigi-Maxxer-!
  5. Ah, sense of humour failure on my part! It's difficult on the internet.
  6. I'm genuinely sorry if my opinion is insulting, but it does all boil down to a difference in opinion, and is not meant to be taken personally. I only ever post potential "deals" to try and help others. Yes, you can argue that ironically this also spoils potential deals for others. I don't do it for my own benefit. The only reason you could do it for your own benefit is if you were the seller. I've been put onto some good deals here before, and that has only solidified my opinion that it's a good thing to share. However, I agree that it needs to be controlled in some way, perhaps as Jeebsy has suggested.
  7. I personally think that people are overly sensitive here. When I post deals here, I generally often post them also at the London Fixed Gear forum which has far more traffic than this place. Do you (the forum) want me to stop doing that too? Maybe you do. The number of "guests" viewing this forum may be largely comprised of "bots", ie. not real people. Jeebsy's suggestion of a private forum is probably the best solution, in my opinion.
  8. My general opinion regarding HiFi, by the way, which I am sure some will disagree with, though I am a broadcast engineer: Audiophile cables are load of nonsense. I use twin core mains for speaker cable, and any perfectly functioning interconnect, such as those supplied with CD players, etc. Your main source of distortion is likely to be your loudspeakers, and at lower budgets I believe you should try to get the best speakers you can, whilst making sure your CD player and amplifier are at least reasonable. Differences between loudspeakers are almost always very obvious, whereas the differences between modern CD players and amplifiers can be subtle. Turntables are a little more complicated, and I have not used enough of them to make a general opinion. I currently use a pair of BBC-designed Rogers LS5/9, driven by a Quad 405-2 which I modified slightly. I have a Technics CD player, but my MOTU soundcard sounds best.
  9. The Airport Express can create a new wireless network that you can connect to and stream. However, that will stop the devices connected to it from accessing the internet if you don't have the Airport itself connected to another network.
  10. Have the burr carriers got play? Bearings shot? There's not very much to these grinders to go wrong. I sold my SJ in good condition and fully cleaned for £185 in London, FWIW.
  11. rodabod

    Mazzer SJ

    May be worth an offer: http://bit.ly/1iko47U
  12. It was. I owned the same Peugeot PY10 Fibre De Carbone which Robert Millar rode in the TdF. Very flexy, and I eventually split the bond between the seat tube and the BB shell.
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