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  1. I had to use some fishing string to cut through the adhesive.
  2. Could I get a picture of your switch? Thanks
  3. If it isn't leaking at the bottom and you're NOT painting the base, then all you need to do is change the group head gaskets and move on. Takes, maybe, an hour max. Only thing close to a special tool is a set of snap ring pliers that you can get pretty cheap. No need to be scared. You'll see how simple these things are when you get into it. Here's a video of the group only rebuild.
  4. Clean it up the best you can and try soaking it for a couple of days in strong citric acid or vinegar. Might be scale and that might get it loose enough to move. Hey, you've tried everything else so why not!!!!
  5. Right or wrong I used some Never-Seize on mine.
  6. I broke three out of the four boiler screws and to my surprise, when I went to remove the pieces, they came right out. Seems that they were stuck in the unthreaded side if the boiler. Hopefully yours are the same.
  7. I think you're right as I don't really see any purpose other than spacing and the ability to turn the nut/adapter to tighten. Am wondering what pieces of Teflon would do there instead of the paper type gasket material.
  8. Found the dimensions Boiler to base 93mm * 80mm * 1.5mm HE to boiler 80mm * 69mm * 1.5mm new HE to boiler 73.98mm * 3.53mm o-ring
  9. Restoring a premil La Pavoni Europiccola and need to make some new gaskets for the boiler to base and also the heating element gasket (mine doesn't have the oring). Anyone have a set they could measure? Need ID, OD, and also the thickness of the material. Thanks
  10. Tag1260

    La Pavoni parts

    Please let me know. Thanks
  11. Tag1260

    La Pavoni parts

    Yes I have. Still the portafilter would work if someone switched over to bottomless and has one sitting around.
  12. Tag1260

    La Pavoni parts

    Thanks. Was hoping to find used as I need to keep price down on this rebuild.
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