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  1. Start out with something simple. Take a needle or straight pin and try to push it into the end. Sometimes dried milk will plug them up.
  2. While trying to troubleshoot the problem I jumpered around the fuse for testing. DO NOT walk away from the machine while in this state!!!!! This is for troubleshooting only!!!!! Once you find your problem THEN install a new fuse.
  3. In my opinion you either had it run out of water or have something wrong in the PID, whether a setting or something faulty. When my nonPID blew the fuse, it was the thermostat that went bad and allowed the boiler to overheat.
  4. OK. Solved the leak through by replacing the solenoid valve with another that I had on hand. It's a small one but I will still try to rebuild the large one for if this one fails. However, now I have found my pump leaking. It works fine but has a small leak. I'm going to try to find new o rings to try to seal it up but metric o rings are sometimes tough to find in the US.
  5. I have a Gaggia Classic but this would apply to any machine. It comes with a double pour portafilter spout. Can I just unscrew this (yes it unscrews) and use it without for single pours? Or is there a reason for the spout as it is? I never make two shots and using two cups is a little silly. Thanks
  6. Can the solenoid valve be lapped? I have a small plastic/Teflon ball that came from somewhere and I may have it in the wrong place but will not know until I get it apart Wednesday or Thursday. Where does it actually go? Thanks
  7. Sent a PM for shipping quote.
  8. Yes. and with my luck....... This is why I ask about trying to spray with contact cleaner without disassembly. Gonna give it a try in a couple of days when I'm off of work. Also going to try taking the solenoid valve apart and clean it again. If not I have another one here but it's the newer smaller version. Anyone know if there's a legitimate reason the older bigger one is preferred? Can the solenoid be swapped to the newer valve or vice versa? Thanks
  9. Can you just spray contact cleaner into the switches? Or do you need to disassemble them? Thanks
  10. I rebuilt my 2003 Classic and it is making Espresso as well as I can. However I have a couple of issues with it. 1 There is a small leak through the portafilter when heating up. About a 1/2 oz in 20 minutes. I assume this to be the solenoid valve? 2. The light for "up to temp" in the pump switch flickers and dims until I switch it on then it brightens up and stays lit until it runs cool. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  11. OK. (I've asked some questions, some dumb some asked before and some others but I'm finally DONE!!!!! My 2003 Classic is now fully operational. The only thing NOT worked on was the steam valve because no matter what I did it wouldn't come out of the boiler. I descaled, scrubbed, Machined and busted bolts and knuckles but it's done and surprisingly working!!! New gaskets and seals, new thermostats and new thermal fuse. I probably could have bought a good working second hand one but I know how this thing works now and how to keep it working. Plus the satisfaction of taking a non-working machine and bringing it back to life is priceless. Anyways, my next move will be to start modding it and eventually putting aPID on it. Anyways, there's my rant and THANKS to those who gave advise and help along the way.
  12. Getting ready to reassemble the boiler on my Gaggia Classic with Aluminum boiler. Any reason to NOT use a little bit of Anti Seize on the bolts? Will it affect anything in a negative way? Thanks
  13. Tag1260

    Ebay PID?

    Already talked to MrShades and plan on going that direction. However I need too much work on my machine right now to do this right now.
  14. Has anyone used Never Seize on the bolts upon reassembly?
  15. Thanks for the ideas. I ended up just using brute force after soaking the entire group head and boiler flange over night in some citric acid. Two came easy but two were stuck not in the threads but in the boiler flange . I broke the two off the took pliers and the the remainder just threaded right out with no problem.
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