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  1. Yes I purge everytime I change grind setting and coffee type. I take 4 or 5 beans, grind and throw. This was setting 34. There's no scale reference here but this is into the recommended range for filter / french press. Not for pour over (which stops at 28). I know these are very rough guidelines though. very curious for opinions on the distribution in any case. Like I said, this clogged my V60 and resulted in a 7 min + chemex draw.
  2. Hey guys. I don’t have a kruve although considering getting one. I’m kinda keen not to go too deep on this as it can be a black hole as I’m sure some are aware. I love a nice cup of coffee brewed first thing in the morning and I just want something that will give me the best quality grind I can get for home. Thanks all for the info. I have done further brews. I initially thought that maybe my last experiment had something to do with the coffee being natural processed. Can occasionally be gummy and sometimes I need to grind slightly coarser to compensate but nothing like this. so I tried again using both methods above. My method and a single pour as recommended using my regular processed coffee from coffee collective. 7 minutes draw at 34 setting again. Then I went full on maximum coarse setting. This resulted in 5min 45 draw but the coffee was very weak and watery and not nice at all. Looking at the grind, lots of boulders and lots of fines. tried on my v60 and this simply clogged it. also tried on my kalita. The kalita is very forgiving because of its flat base so it did draw down but the coffee was just not as good at all as what I got out of my smart grinder (sage) looking at the grind quality on a sheet of paper there are indeed a lot of fines even at higher grind settings. Must say I’m a touch disappointed with the wilfa uniform. I’m pretty competent at pour over coffee. Been to several lessons from award winning baristas over the years and I’ve been brewing for years. maybe I got a dud machine, maybe the machine promised more than it is, maybe I expected more that what’s realistic at this price point or maybe my sage smart grinder is actually a pretty damn good machine and I need to go seriously higher to beat it. I really wish people the best getting a nice brew out of this grinder, but It’s not for me. Lovely looking slick machine and I love the concept of Not having a hopper. everything seemed perfect except the actual grind. It’s just not up to par in my experience.
  3. Sure. So 30g coffee to 500g water. 80g bloom, then pour to 350g. Wait until 1m 30s to make some room in the brewer. Fill to 500g, swirl very briefly, then look for a draw between 4m 30s to 5m mark. Pouring with a gooseneck temp controlled kettle in even circles. Usual stuff. Thanks.
  4. Hey all. First off, my usual grinder was the sage smart grinder pro. It was ok. Nice range on it. But I was looking to upgrade specifically for brew / pour over and get a more consistent grind for that only and reduce the fines somewhat. So after a lot of research, I found either the vario with steel burrs, or the forte BG. I settled on the forte and eagerly awaited one to come up for sale. Strangely the BG model seems very difficult to find. But then I discovered the uniform from wilfa. Seemed to tick all the boxes for me. Specifically for brew, flat burrs etc. Looked pretty nice and good old james hoffman gave it the thumbs up. Plus it was less than half price of the forte so, it was a no brainer. Now, I'm not sure what I was expecting. maybe some coffee aficionadoes with far more experience than me will chip in. But I decided to test it out on my trusty chemex. I know how to brew a good chemex with my eyes closed and i'm fairly familier with what i'm tasting for. Natural coffee from square mile, roasted only 3 days ago. So the little booklet gives a range for pour over so I kicked it off at grind setting 24. This produced a ridiculously long draw. 7 minutes 30 seconds. So I thought... ok its simply too fine. Lets go 34. Thats when I got really confused. This produced a draw of... 7 minutes 40 seconds. Hmm, now unless i'm off with my maths here... that shouldn't be happening. Same environment and procedure. Everything was the same exept the setting. If I made grind adjustments on my sage, it made a noticeable difference in the draw. And yes, the coffee tasted a touch bitter. In all honesty, it wasn't ... bad. Just you know, hmm. not great! Now, granted i've still got some experimenting to do and it would unfair to jump to harsh conclusion over only 2 brews. I've got some other coffees to try. I'm not complaining... yet... but i'm wondering if others have experience with this machine? And if my expectations are way off to get a pretty consistent grind at this price? The uniform did seem to bill itself as the perfect grinder for my needs. But in any case, I shouldn't be getting a longer draw at a higher grind setting unless something really off is happeneing with the fines. Would love any thoughts on this or if anyone has experience or suggestions. I'm wondering if I should just pack it in and go for the forte bg when one comes up. Thanks.
  5. Searching for various brew techniques or querying issues on google more often than not let me here.
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