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  1. Now if a 6, turned out to be 9, I don't mind.
  2. Thanks @MrShades Looking forward to giving it a whirl. I already did try the 'cutting the spring mod' measured pressure at roughly 9.5 with a pretty dodgy pressure gauge (it was leaking a bit). I dont have this gauge anymore, and I thought that the OPV screwed in a bit further than what it was originally. Do you think this will have an effect on the actual pressure with your springs? i.e. will a few turns either way add or take off a bar or two of pressure?
  3. If its ok with you, can we get a set sent down to me in Melbourne whenever you're ready to roll mate?
  4. I'd be down for one of those @MrShades. My 2019 Classic already has the second hose going back in to the tank, so does that mean my model is one of the few you mentioned?
  5. Wow, you said that without moving your lips Dave. Amazing!
  6. Understand. Let me ask a simple yes or no question: if someone in the Uk had £1000 in their pocket, and went in to a respectable espresso equipment retailer this time next year, could they potentially walk out of the door with one these without asking for a discount? ?
  7. all good. They are not mine, stole them from a german coffee forum, but cool to share nonetheless. Its great seeing the latest stuff being revealed publicly for the first time. Keeps the appetite for new gear whet. Not that you need any more, looking at your toy list.
  8. Lots of cool new toys that i don't need and cant afford for 2020 New LM Linea Mini with Smart Features La Marzocco Grinder with built in Tamper New Eureka Grinders New SIlvia Pro New ECM Puristica New Pink Slayer Barbie model And other space age looking stuff that i have no idea about and looks unnecessarily complicated for no reason other than they can. Its all in Ze German, but have a read... https://www.kaffee-netz.de/threads/milano-host-2019.120726/page-3
  9. It would be wrong if they didn’t have one in black wouldn’t it:
  10. Wont be long until we see lots of this posted:
  11. Different beast though isn't it. The auto off on my GC drives me nuts.
  12. Only just. As long as you're not flushing in between i guess. You'd have to keep an eye on the PID though for your recovery after each shot, but I guess the boiler would automatically pull in some fresh water after each shot anyway? Someone correct me if i'm wrong, but thats how my GC works I'm sure.
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