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  1. What is the component that sets the time in the new GC? Is it possible to adjust or bypass?
  2. Mine seems to always overshoot on heat up and take its time getting back to where it should be.
  3. Can anyone help with PID setting on @MrShades PID for the new GC. All is well, except it does seem to hover quite a bit around set temp. Only a 2-4º fluctuation, but enough for me to be waiting around for the swing to get where I need it, especially after the first shot. From what i've read on shades very detailed instructions: P – lowering the P value typically makes recovery between shots quicker, but too low a value can also cause temperature fluctuation around the set point. I – Changing the I value may improve recovery time and stability, but too big a value will slow recovery time and too small a value may introduce fluctuation. D – Typically the “D” value is set to a quarter of the I value (as in the Sets above). I've ran the Autotune a few times and at the moment its at this: SouF - 0.2 P - 05.2 I - 0111 D - 027 What would you suggest to try and tame the temp swing ? Muchos Thankos. Pablo...
  4. i think I've been chasing my tail a bit with all this. Not locking in certain variables, and to top it off, i'm using a Eureka Silenzio as a single doser (to aid workflow and minimise wastage) and switching back and forth between espresso and filter grind daily. I starting to recognise that the inherent retention and exchange factor (without purging a few g every change) may be causing some inconsistencies in my grind too. I can now see why this is not the best grinder to switch to and from such extreme grinds with. Especially every day.
  5. Ive read that you should go coarser with a higher dose, is that true in most cases?
  6. When i say hot, i meant far from room temp. Not quite scalding. Still tweaking. After coarsening my grind, this mornings pour was on point time wise, around 3:20, still not hitting those flavour notes. On a 330 pour, what would you expect to remain in the cone vs the flask? I've read (James Hoffman) say about 2g of water will remain in the cone for every gram of coffee. Even with my water all through, its more like 3.5g per g for me...
  7. 40-50g bloom, wait till about 50 secs - 1min, then 140mm then about 2:20 the remainder, very slowly.
  8. I'll experiment with some different pour patterns over the next few days.
  9. I like drinking it hot! I do notice that my espresso tastes nicer and opens up different flavour layers as it cools though. I never leave a coffee long enough to go room temp though.
  10. I normally yank it off at 4:00 with some water still in the cone, trying not to squeeze too much out and only leaving about 200-240ml in the flask. Not really getting bitter notes (which id assume would mean over extraction). Although in saying all that, I'm only about 10-15 brews in. Still green with all this. I wont be messing about with refractometers just yet. Interesting brew method on that video. Big bloom, and a shorter wait between the last pour. I'm not quite understanding the science and effect on taste of pour timing yet. Lots of differing opinions out there. I'll coarsen up the grind a tad and have a crack at this method on my next pour. I've been switching back and forth between espresso and coarse settings on my Silenzio grinder though (only single dosing) so i'm sure with the internal exchange happening there might be a bit too much fines sneaking into my pour over grind which might not help with things.
  11. Been toying with a new Chemex for a week or so and am (mostly) making a beautifully light, clean, but generic tasting cup. I cant seem to pull the same type of fruity notes that i'm nailing with my espresso set up though. I've been using two beans, a Guatemalan and a Kenyan that when I make espresso with i can nail the prominent Red Apple & Blackcurrant notes respectively. When I brew the same beans in my Chemex, I'm getting a great tasting cup, but nothing that really highlights the flavour profile of the beans I'm using. I'm using a 6 cup, 21g in, 330ml water at around 96º (Stagg EKG) 45-50g bloom and then 2 pours to finish. Admittedly a little slow at around 4:30 to finish. What direction would you recommend i take with this? Water temp, Grind, Pour technique? Thanks, Pablo...
  12. Yep, the spout is going through. Just getting pushed back a bit by the Steam relay. All good, I'll work something out.
  13. I've got a black NZ on its way now too. Couldn't resist. Have loved my Eureka Silenzio, but for switching between espresso and pour over its not the most practical, even with a single dosing workflow. Hopefully with the NZ, i'll save those vital few seconds a week that only spending a few extra hundred can solve! haha. Hope you get yours sorted asap.
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