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  1. Is that effectively what this guy has done? And what difference does it actually make?
  2. Adjusting the OPV... Seems like its a common mod on the GC, but I still don't really know what difference this would make to me. I understand the GC Pro is set at around 13bar and most people recommend around 9 or 10 for optimal performance, but what actual difference will this make in the cup, and to all other factors of my pours? I've also read that the new 2018/19 GC Pro doesn't have an easily adjustable OPV. I know some have cut the spring which seems a little bit of a crude way to control things, but I just found this post on Reddit, of a simple mod that might make things easier on the newer model GC: Whats your thoughts on this? Pablo
  3. Im starting to recognise the pattern more now. On start up, I'll leave it for 15-20 mins. Flush a bit out to help with warming up the group. then it settles pretty quick to my set temp. After the first pull it will obviously drop, then climb back up within a minute or two, but then overshoot by about 5 or 6º then take quite a while to creep back down. 5 or more minutes. How does yours roll after pulling your shot? I might give these settings a bash and see how it goes tomoz.
  4. I think you may have just summed up my thoughts and buying experience with the market beans. It seems there are similarities with the different standard of bean retailers in some cities. I was thinking that I may have some sort of bias happening due to the whole experience at the specialty roasters, and the obvious cost difference. If it costs more it must be better right? Although thats not always the case I'd guess ultimately they are just a notch above the average outlet in their knowledge, and the way they source, roast, treat and present their product which lends itself to an overall better, but more expensive end result. I'll keep hunting for the best bang for buck beans...
  5. I live in Melbourne. Best city in the world. Sorry London, you're number 2. Have been buying beans and boiling them to death in my Moka pot for years from these guys at my local market (see pic). Not gonna mention a name, but if you've ever been to this place you will know them. Lovely people who run it and work there. Now I've upped my game with a grinder, espresso machine and a pour over set up. It was actually by having my first WOW moment with an amazing Rwandan at a quality local roasters, Veneziano that got me in to all this. Excellent single origin beans from them Bagged and sealed on the day of roast. Its pretty Hipster, but I've loved spending time at their cafe, trying all the varieties and almost nailing the same flavours at home. Chatting with the baristas and the roasters there has been great for my knowledge. These guys are at the top of their game. Melbourne doesn't fuck about with its coffee. Now i'm trying to fall back in love with the beans from my old place at the market, because its almost half the price, (I'm spending over $100 a month on the fancy stuff) but after trying a few different single origins, i think i may be noticing an obvious step down in overall quality compared to my hipster place. The range is great, but the staff have no exact idea of roast dates on their product. "within the last week or so" is the general answer. I've seen them pour out large 5kg bags in to the tubs, not sealed in any way, just rolled up. Do you guys think that the way they sell their beans, open, unsealed and scooped out as you buy them is detrimental to quality? They might be sitting there for a few days for all we know. Is bagged and sealed on the day of roast the only way to go? More importantly do you think they are probably buying in lower grade beans? Whats your thoughts on places that sell beans in this way? Pablo. x
  6. I'm definitely more regular lately.
  7. Clean As You Go is my motto now. Along with a 3 shots per hour limit, and awareness of what the hopper closing tab is for.
  8. Nobody will care but a few weeks back on my first day of making espresso, I was so excited with all my new toys and that there was actually black stuff coming out of my machine, I'd made a big mess on the sideboard. Water and grinds everywhere. No idea what was going on, and not understanding the whole pacing of my tasters (I'd had about 6 sour to bitter double shots by now), I felt like I was on Ritalin, or coming up on some party pills, and was a little bit too hyper. The curious kid in me (I'm 43) thought it would be a great idea to lift the hopper off the grinder to have a look at the magic happening underneath, and me being the caffeine charged donut that I am, didn't even think of closing the chute. BANG, 250g of expensive Rwandan beanage all over the place. What a cock. To make it worse, I scooped them all up and put them back in (bearing in mind the fuckers were all wet from my earlier calamities now) and obviously what came next was a clogged Eureka Silenzio. I thought i'd fucked it. A few youtube vids later, i'd quickly had my first burr cleaning lesson and was all back on form within half hour or so. Still buzzing, but all under control. Quite a few lessons learned in my first session.
  9. What is the component that sets the time in the new GC? Is it possible to adjust or bypass?
  10. Mine seems to always overshoot on heat up and take its time getting back to where it should be.
  11. Can anyone help with PID setting on @MrShades PID for the new GC. All is well, except it does seem to hover quite a bit around set temp. Only a 2-4º fluctuation, but enough for me to be waiting around for the swing to get where I need it, especially after the first shot. From what i've read on shades very detailed instructions: P – lowering the P value typically makes recovery between shots quicker, but too low a value can also cause temperature fluctuation around the set point. I – Changing the I value may improve recovery time and stability, but too big a value will slow recovery time and too small a value may introduce fluctuation. D – Typically the “D” value is set to a quarter of the I value (as in the Sets above). I've ran the Autotune a few times and at the moment its at this: SouF - 0.2 P - 05.2 I - 0111 D - 027 What would you suggest to try and tame the temp swing ? Muchos Thankos. Pablo...
  12. i think I've been chasing my tail a bit with all this. Not locking in certain variables, and to top it off, i'm using a Eureka Silenzio as a single doser (to aid workflow and minimise wastage) and switching back and forth between espresso and filter grind daily. I starting to recognise that the inherent retention and exchange factor (without purging a few g every change) may be causing some inconsistencies in my grind too. I can now see why this is not the best grinder to switch to and from such extreme grinds with. Especially every day.
  13. Ive read that you should go coarser with a higher dose, is that true in most cases?
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