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  1. I remember a similar debate in the playground 30+ years ago: Nike is better than Reebok. They make me run faster.
  2. Same on my old PID'd Classic set at 9 bar. Nothing wrong with pushing it to almost a minute and even up to 1:2.5 ratio. Grinding finer with lighter roasted fruity profiles (particularly Ethiopians) so the first drops start at about 20-28 seconds stopping at about 50-60 produced some lovely shots. Fruit forward, nice mottling on the crema, balanced finish etc. My thinking, is it is pretty much forcing a pre-infusion. I found this by mistake, and it made me not worried about going out of the recommended guidelines to see what flavours I can pull from different roasts. Seemed to work ok on
  3. 'Working' from home mate? Nowt wrong with a quick bash at lunchtime. Followed by a nice pour over.
  4. Gm0 has just said all that needs to be said mate. If you’ve got 700 quid to spend, get yourself the new Gaggia Classic and learn how to get the best out of it. (If you find a decent pre-loved one with the PID that’s a bonus) And pair it with any of the newer Eureka range of grinders (Silenzio or Specialita) They will serve you well for Lattés on tap. Perfect for what you need. Then if (or probably, when) you get the bug, you can dive down the hole of chasing the perfect espresso and start splashing out on all the toys that go with it, and then before you know it, you’ll have your eye
  5. And just for anyone wondering (I was on the edge for a while, because of this) the Lunars are GREAT not just for espresso, but for pour over as well. I was a little hesitant due to the size, but my V60 decanter (and the 6 Cup Chemex) fits on top well, without obscuring the digital readout. The customisable settings allow you to hide the modes that you might not use too. You'll probably only need two active which saves you having to flick through the menu to get to what you need. My Brewista Smart Scale 2 (nothing smart about them) was a pain having to go through the whole scroll to get w
  6. The high res 0.01g precision comes in handy sometimes. 'Friday Night Party Mode'.
  7. I've read a few posts over on HB regarding the temperature tests on the Olympia Cremina, and it seems like the general consensus is that the 60˚-90˚c strips are the way to go, as once the 90 is activated on the strip, you are already pushing into the 'too hot' range. (as the water inside the grouphead is a few degrees higher than the detected temp on the bell) Flair does a good range - 70-100˚.. but they dont ship to me down under... https://www.flairespresso.com/product-page/temperature-strip Does anyone know if you can cut these down, i.e. chop off the 60-75 range to keep it sma
  8. This looks promising: https://www.option-o.com/shop/lagom-p64
  9. Funnily enough I emailed them yesterday about this and was told that they are in the pipeline but no date as of yet.
  10. I wasn’t suggesting this was a debate. I was just wanting to know why Flats are desirable or preferred by some.
  11. I’ve read a bit on the conical vs flats debate. Depends on what day of the week the coin flips on that one. Subjective I guess. I can’t see how it makes a difference myself. Possibly just size?
  12. We are already seeing some similar single dosers popping up on the market in the prosumer price bracket, so now 18 months or so down the track, the Zero does seem to have gained a bit of a following and has led the charge in its 'niche'. Its definitely a reliable bit of kit (from my own experience and from what I'm hearing from others) thanks to Martin and his teams engineering chops, and quite possibly it has been the 'game changer' that some called it back in the early days. What do you think could/should/would be next from these guys? What would you like to see in a Zero V2 if there wa
  13. Morning! The V2 is the model that you don't back flush isn't it? The one without the 3 way solenoid valve? Unlike the earlier models or the new 2019 model with the 3 way solenoid valve that you can (and should) back flush. The ones that don't get any coffee residue or oils or silt back into the boiler when you back flush because the 3 way solenoid valve helps prevent that? Or not? Asking for a friend.
  14. I’ve told you my thoughts. They haven’t changed. And nor has my 18 months of back flushing my Classic. I love it! Keeps it in tip top shape! There’s a word for people like you. I can’t quite think of it right now though....
  15. I can’t believe people are still engaging with this idiot. He’s havin’ a laff.
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