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    Rave beans

    Hey guys, I have had my Oracle a few months and loving it, I have been using illy beans for convenience at the start, I have not really need to adjust the grind setting but now I have the Rave beans arriving this week could anyone recommend the settings they use for that particular bean. I ordered the Espresso taster pack. Thank you in advance. G
  2. Hey Justin, I had a Delonghi Magnifica, basic bean to cup and my wife doesn’t drink coffee or even made me one it was always just a little fiddly to get it right. I recently bought the Sage Oracle after drinking my friends S8 Jura for the last year. We both agree the oracle is a different level and the ease of use means my wife now secretly enjoys making perfect coffee for her friends and I really enjoy the consistency of the Extraction. As long it gets the purge and wand clean after each pour it’s all there is too it. Highly recommend it. Hope this helps. G
  3. Anyone out there could tell me what settings they use for these beans in this machine, regards Geezer
  4. Hi guys and girls, I have just bought my first sage oracle and have it set up! I was interested to know if the time can be displayed when the machine is off ? or indeed at anytime. Mine always shows the temperature only. Regards Geezer
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