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  1. As you may have seen in my previous post, l bought a 22g naked PF for my Mara. 100% Lelit and producing a very nice coffee. For what it’s worth, I’d recommend it.
  2. Colinz

    Kinu M47

    Hi Salty, Thanks for getting in touch. The grinder ended up selling via eBay. Cheers Colin
  3. From those lovely guys at Bella Barista.. https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/lelit-wooden-handle-naked-porta-filter-handle.html
  4. Just added this to my Mara - a Lelit naked filter with a 22g basket. Perfect for Square mile coffees
  5. Colinz

    Kinu M47

    Bought this Kinu M47 hand grinder while I decided which electric grinder would be most suitable, and now that my Niche has arrived the wife says 'sell' since I've blown the coffee budget for the year. Presently on eBay with a starting bid of £220, the grinder is pretty much as new. No nicks, knocks or marks, all the original packaging with cheat sheet etc. I'm hoping that there will be no interest so I can keep it but... If a reasonable offer* comes before I get an eBay offer, I'd be happy to sell directly via the Coffee Forum, or buyer can pick up (I'm in West Sussex). *I understand that I need to define a reasonable offer. A previous M47 (with marks) sold at £240, I'll accept the same price for a straightforward pick up sale.
  6. My comparison is with the Kinu M47, which I have put on ebay (on 29 July 19) now the Niche is up and running. I am totally happy with the Niche although it would be great to load the portafilter directly from the spout. For what it's worth, here are two pics showing 5g ground by both the Kinu (left) and the Niche (on the right). Sadly, my taste buds are not educated enough to speak with confidence which was the better. Both produced a consistent result although the Niche (may) contain more visible skin or is it parchment/silverskin?
  7. Thanks lake_m. I work from home so can enjoy 24/7 espresso’s with my Mara. As l don't have much spare worktop space this baby fits in perfectly.
  8. Hi Wobbit - I'm using a Motta, which arrived last week. I was getting bored with tapping this way and that in my attempts to level the coffee. I have this screwed right back so theres very little pressure applied by the Motta prior to tamping
  9. Snap. Drinking Monmouth this week and trying Red Brick next.
  10. My first espresso machine arrived a month ago from Bella Barrista and I am loving it. Office shuts down at 11 for the Latte's. To date my latte art has included an amoba, a wiggly snake and a cactus. Now In the process of speeding up the process by selling my Kinu and replacing it with a Niche.
  11. Hi coffee lovers. I'm a recently converted coffee geek and am loving the people, places and tastes that this new interest has revealed to me. I have an M47 - Hand grinder that I will be replacing with a Niche now that I have the OK from the Misses. Sadly, I cannot sell on this site as I am a newbie, so will post this on Ebay on Monday unless sold before that. It's been used for a few weeks and looks as new. With all the original packaging and boxes... the only thing the next owner will miss out on is the exchange rate charge to purchase from Germany. I'll be starting at £250 which represents a saving of over 20%.
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