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  1. Well, it looks like I started something on here !! lol Thanks for everyone's comments and interest in this.. it's been interesting and insightful.. much to the point where I have decided to just go for it and buy one ! So, I've been trawling the internet for a decent combination of both an espresso machine and grinder with all the barista extras thrown in if possible..? and to keep it within 2k (in answer to Kennyboy993) I've seen a few prices but nothing that grabs me, like delivered as a package deal.. apart from maybe one (back to the 'Heavenly again by Fracino) who has a fairly new store on Bonanza ?? anyone else bought from here ?? looks similar to eBay ? anyway, I've put a best offer in on their Heavenly machine with a Luxomatic Grinder and all the Barista accessories for no more than £1800, which they say they have but just not currently listed.. I'll come back and tell you all if they accept my offer. ?
  2. Thank you 'igm45' You are right ! what is a perfect Espresso without a decent Grinder ? Any thoughts on this too from anyone here would be most welcomed to hear.. I am quite impressed by the Fracino brand who I have yet to buy anything from them.. so, any comments from anyone who has bought one of their grinders or machines is most welcome here too. I think they have quite a varied selection of both grinders and espresso machines.. just that their prices vary a little across a few distributors who seem to be running the sales side for them..? Cheers to the perfect double ! Espression1
  3. Yes, that is one beautiful beast ! lol Seriously though I have looked at the Lelit and their machines are too erm.. square ?? I'm stuck on the Fracino brand - I just fell in love with the Heavenly when I first saw it.. prices ?? well I'm sure I can get it for less than £1200 somewhere.. any suggestions people ??
  4. Hey yeah, thanks for your comment.. I will be looking to buy one for milk drinks - I like being able to choose and offer this as an option to guests.. so, yeah the combo machine is more of an appeal. Let's talk numbers .. £££ .. I'm fairly flexible to cost, nothing more than £2k and nothing less than £1k so, anything inbetween, it has to be durable and robust but at the same time stylish and hot ! I really like the idea of buying something 'British Made' - like I said in my introductory post, the Fracino brand is the sure winner for me being that they are the only UK manufacturer of these coffee machines.. Their Heavenly model is very nice - not sure if this is a combo machine or not though ?? - and I'm a first time buyer and see that they use 'distributors' to sell their products - so who can I trust ? Thanks again for relating 'DaveC' your input is appreciated !! EspressiOn1
  5. Hello all !!! Being an avid drinker of Espresso's, I've recently been on the lookout for a decent Espresso machine and Fracino has some very nice one's which have caught my eye.. any suggestions / recommendations from any owners here ?? would be a great help before I spend my hard earned cash ! It's the domestic type I'm looking at as well.. so, like the Piccino (like my profile pic) or even the Little Gem or Cherub.. Heavenly by Fracino would be great and looks very nice too.. suggestions of where to buy as well people please ?? anyone ?
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