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  1. Thanks for the replies. I fully understand that ‘what tastes good’ is best. I just find it confusing that the general ‘google’ consensus of a double shot is 60ml, when the recommendations on ratio tend to be far lower. Is it just the case that most people who are very into espresso just prefer shorter shots? The 2:1 ration seems to come up a lot, it was even on a bag of coffee I bought (the bag said 18g to 36g out) I’m enjoying the shots I’m drinking anyway, so it’s not all that important - as has been rightly pointed out. The main reason I started trying to get to the bottom of it was that I was under the impression that pouring longer shots meant they were more bitter, so was maybe over-worrying over-extracting, but if up to 80g is still considered okay (i.e. it’s not over extracting/spoiling the coffee) then I guess that makes things simpler.
  2. Hi all, been playing around with new DTP and mignon set up for a few weeks now. One thing that’s really confusing me is the question of exactly how much is a double espresso? General answer to this online seems to be that a double is 60ml, but then when people talk about ratios on double shots they tend to say 2:1 or 1.5:1 ...if I’m using 18g espresso then that would mean a shot of around 36 or 27 grams, which is well under what I suppose 60ml would end up being in weight...(I’m guessing 60ml is more or less 60g, give or take?) i know the answer to this is likely to be ‘whatever tastes good to you’ but it would be interesting to know what the standard is. Or have I got this confused entirely? with the beans I’m using at the minute I’m using about 18g in and getting around 32g in 25 seconds. But then I see people talking about looking for 50-60g and wondering if I’m pulling ristretto sizes...This is on the sage DTP so that timing includes pre-infusion, not sure if that matters... thanks!
  3. Thanks all - I’ve gone for the joe Frex copy ones linked by Jony from blu star. Shipping from EU and apparently if they don’t fit the letterbox they will hold at the post office but don’t leave a note telling you (odd!?) but hopefully they will arrive. Anyone ordered from blu star before?
  4. Anyone have any recommendations of a good set of budget scales to use with the dtp? I'm looking for ones that will fit underneath the PF so I can weigh as it pours. These ones seem like they might fit the bill: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01DGLFVS0/ref=psdc_3538314031_t2_B074TB9L2D would be nice to have a set with a built in timer too, like these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B074TB9L2D/ref=psdc_3538314031_t2_B0759J83GT but they seem quite big, and I'd take them fitting under the PF over the timer feature.
  5. I did end up going for the dtp with eureka mignon. I had a similar budget in mind (£400 ish) but was glad I decided to push the boat out a little bit more in the end on the mignon. It’s a really great grinder and looks great too. Has a quality, heavy feel to it that gives me the impression it will last for many years. Really quiet too, which is great for us. Really glad I decided on the dtp in the end. I looked at the barista express initially, but it’s essentially just a dtp with a built in grinder. Saying that, I would really like a pressure gauge as I’m new to all of this too and there’s a hell of a lot more variables than I’d thought possible!
  6. Yeah - thanks. I haven’t tried the double wall baskets yet (feels a bit like cheating!), but maybe that would have been the way to go with the cheaper grinder. Picking the mignon up on the way home so hopefully this weekend will have better results!
  7. It looks like sage changed their water filter model from the older, more reasonably priced ones. Might just go for changing the filter once every 6 months or so and use bottled water. Yeah - looking forward to getting the grinder now, had a couple of shots with just my old Cuisinart grinder this morning but they weren't great - lots to learn I think. Had the grind on the finest setting but the shot still seemed a bit weak and pulled in about 15 seconds, so I don't think it's grinding fine enough. Hopefully the mignon will improve the game a bit. Finding that the milk steaming is quite tricky to get right too. I've got a thermometer that I got online but when I used it it seemed to take a long time to get to the 60degree mark, and then it seemed very hot (too hot to sip), so I'm thinking it might not be accurate. Thanks for the advice!
  8. Hi all, Just bought the Sage DTP last night and got it set up. Just thinking down the line and wondering what advice people have on cleaning products and filters? I don't think mine came with a descaler, although apparently they usually do so might double check the box when I get home. Do people recommend using the sage descaler only, or are there cheaper/better alternatives? I've heard a lot of people mention Puly, and I know some people just use citric acid? second thing I'm wondering about is the water filter - it recommends changing every 3 months. the filter type on the machine we got is this Claris type: https://www.sageappliances.com/uk/en/parts-accessories/accessories/ses008wht0neu1.html £13.95! seems expensive for a 3 month replacement cycle - does anyone know if you can get away with less frequent changes? We are going to use bottled water only (ashbeck from Tesco being the general recommendation). I've looked around online and that seems to be the cheapest you can get these for. similar questions about the brands/frequency of the cleaning tablets (got two with the machine). Lastly - just wondering if it's normal for the portafilter to be a pretty tight fit at first and just needs loosening up? Finding I really have to give it a push to get it in place, and is very tight. although once there seems to work fine. Waiting on delivery of a eureka mignon specialita tomorrow now, and then going to have a proper play at the weekend!
  9. Thanks for the advice! I had read similar things about the Sette. I actually prefer the retro look of the mignon - so think I'm still sticking with that.
  10. just wondering how you got along with the specialita? I’m in a similar position as you were, have more or less decided on a sage dtp and Mignon specialita...but haven’t fully committed yet. One thing I did think was is the stepless adjustment too much for a total beginner. I noticed you’d mentioned this - have you found it intuitive? Also, is there a lot of retention? Similar to you i don’t really want to get into weighing individual shots...maybe I’m just being lazy! Was looking at the sette 270 as well. Far too much choice once you get into this!
  11. Not sure what you mean - from what I’ve seen there’s a timer on the specialita that you can set at 0.1 second intervals? What do you mean by tube and a weight?
  12. I'm in Tyne and Wear - just for some reason when I go to the IndieGoGo site to look at the niche it's priced in dollars. I just assumed that you had to order from the states
  13. Yeah. I think I’d be quite disappointed to just get a grinder and wait for a machine. Dtp and the specialita seems like a decent starter? Can always upgrade in future. Anyone have thoughts on the lifespan of a eureka Mignon grinder? I was hoping I’d get a long time out of it for that kind of money (kind of hoping it would last forever tbh, accepting burrs might need changing etc)...
  14. Cheapest I can see the niche for is $634, which is about £500. Bit over budget I think - have already really stretched for the eureka. understand what you mean about the weighing now. All gets very specific!
  15. Yeah - think we’ve decided on the eureka specialita. I’ve been wondering about the scales - I do have some as part of my kitchen scales that go to 0.1g level, but do people advise weighing the beans for each shot?
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