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  1. This is a bit of an old thread, but I'm looking for a new coffee brewer, probably 4-cup and I need some help. I didn't want to make new thread when I saw that one already exist. I was reading some sites, forums and reviews and I found this one: Best 4-Cup Coffee Makers, and it looks to me as trustworthy. Now I'd like to buy Cuisineart DCC-450BK I've found in this list, but I'm interested to hear some opinions and experiences about that maker before I actually buy it. If anyone thinks that there's a better option I'd like to hear suggestions.
  2. Thanks a lot! I'm going to spend a few days in Sao Paolo, and than two weeks in Rio. I hope that I'll have enough time to hunt for coffee around.
  3. Agree! Most of their customers actually want a dessert. In the end, that's taste anything except coffee...
  4. I'm not baking anything to pari with my coffee, but I do buy some mid-sweet cookies (bite cookie) and I eat one after coffee. I don't like anything while I'm drinking coffee, but I like something moderate sweet after coffee,
  5. HI, I'm new to this forum, I tried to find answer to my question, but I coundn't so I'm sorry if I posted question that already exist. I'm traveling to Brazil/Rio de Janeiro in this November. I'm interesting if anyone can recommend me any good coffee shop there. I know that is Brazil world's bigest coffee producer so I'd like to travel there well prepaired
  6. lol, this is so true... I spend almost half of my money on gifts for family and friends
  7. I'm big cat lover, but unfortunately I'm still living in rented apartment and I can't afford to myself to have one. There's a lot of expensive furniture that I can't replace if cat scratches it or ruin in any way 😥 My mom have two, but from time to time, she saves some cat from the streets. After that she find a nice home for them.
  8. I do! 🙋‍♀️ Best thing I ever bought to myself . I turn it on when I'm leaving the house, and when I come back, the house is clean, vacuumd, and I'm not tired of vacuuming around 😃
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