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  1. I have been playing around with grind size, if you don’t mind, next time you make a brew could you post a pic of your grind size so I can compare to what I’m using. I’m glad I went with the smaller one for a single brew as I will grab the bigger one later at some point but I’m only making one mug at the moment. Not sure which setting the grind was on the picture I have included.
  2. Hi all, So I just made my best coffee yet on a Kalita wave, it’s the best coffee I have made so far, my first attempt as well, there were some errors made as the 155 is quite small I managed to spill some grounds behind the filter like a plonker. 15/250g I basically did a 50g bloom for 30 seconds stirring the grounds to get all the grounds wet and then poured the remaining 200g in intervals as the bed lowered by just bringing it back up to where it was each time. My total time was just over 4 minutes but over 2 of that was the pour. Picture wasn’t under the best lighting apologies.
  3. I’m going to give this a try on my next coffee, I need to get one that is suited to filter. The Rave fudge blend is very bitter tasting, I tried on in the Aeropress today 15/250g but the bitterness is too much, that was with the water at 85c as well. 30 second bloom, 1 minute brew with 30 second press inverted. Grind at 10 on the Virtuoso, medium fine looking grind.
  4. I will time the next brew at 14 and see if that is closer to 3 minutes, I also need to get some different filters, I bought some Filtropa #2 filters but they are a little big and get a little squashed by the water tank, the free ones that came with the device are a little smaller. 3-4 minutes the standard?
  5. Apologies for lack of video, I’m not using the Moccamaster anymore as I have moved on to just using the OXO auto drip, I tried a coffee at 14 on the grinder and it tasted fine, maybe I just have dry mouth at the minute. The second sip washed over my tongue and felt like it was drying it out, 12 is the recommended starting point for Aeropress on this grinder so I feel as though it should be coarser. However looking at other people’s experiences it takes between 3-4 minutes to drain whereas mine is around 2.5. Also if it was the coffee drying my mouth then wouldn’t that mean it was over extracted not under extracted? I pre wet the filter, bloomed the grounds and gave them a stir on the last coffee.
  6. How does this grind look for pour over? This is 16 on the Virtuoso, I like the taste but it has sort of a powdery aftertaste a little, not sure whether to go coarser or do a manual bloom/ mix before putting the auto drip on. It takes about 2m30s for the brew to complete for 18g/300g
  7. After spending some more time playing with equipment this weekend I’m really liking the OXO Pour over, I seem to have it pretty dialled in. I have it set to 16/40 on the Virtuoso, I also tried it at 17 and it was drying in the middle of the tongue and unpleasant whereas 16 was tasty and pleasant. Could it really be the difference between 1 setting on the grinder to find the sweet spot? As far as the Moccamaster goes I may return it, it looks cool but I think I might prefer to buy some more manual brewers like the Kalita wave and a nice Gooseneck kettle and continue my coffee journey that way rather than trying to use the One Cup.
  8. Ok will do, I emailed Moccamaster asking for grind information and they sent me an email saying to grind medium with this picture included in the email for reference, I will give it a stir next brew. The only other manual pour over I have is the V60, so I thought the Kalita might be a bit more forgiving. I feel like I honestly might be getting over and under extraction in the same brew as sometimes the taste is very confusing and can be what would be described as over and under extracted. I have had good brews in the past that I have liked at these ratios, just not many
  9. Moccamaster recommends sea salt / Medium for the grind size, however everyone uses these different analogies and I’m not sure how good they are in explaining grind sizes. I don’t tend to stir the basket as it is quite fiddly on the One Cup and ideally I wanted it to be set and forget. I may end up with something like the Kalita wave as that looks like it may be a little more forgiving as a pour over method, I have never tried one but when I have seen videos online the extraction looks way more even than the Moccamaster. In saying that I did get a OXO pour over auto drip to try as that has a wider spray nossle and it made a decent cup. I will try a 14 grind next just to test the taste, there is still something not quite right with the end product.
  10. When I’m drinking the Fudge Blend I don’t really notice any bitterness but afterwards I feel like I have a bitterness aftertaste, is that to be expected from a dark roast? Or something that I should be looking to get rid of? I feel like between 18 and 20 is the sweet spot on my grinder, once I find a really good coffee it should be repeatable.
  11. I will let it cool more next time, it was probably not totally optimal. When they mention these flavours on the tasting notes are they just approximations of acids and roasts levels or can you really taste what they are suggesting? It’s an automated machine, there is a central spout into the funnel;
  12. Yeah I saw fudge and got carried away, I have also tried the York Emporium Guatemalan Bojangles, I did this one at 18 on the Virtuoso as 24 was weak tasting. I haven’t had any issues with either coffee today with bitterness like with the Pact Coffee. However I can’t say that I picked up any particular flavours from the brew, it mentioned Almond, Plum and Chocolate and it seemed to taste pretty balanced with a real slight bitter aftertaste. Still feel like something is missing, could just be the new grinder, the Moccamaster or me. It’s definitely one of the above.
  13. 09/07/19 was the roast date, that is what the filter basket always looks like on the One Cup, does channeling cause over/under extraction on a cone basket? It is the fudge blend
  14. Well, I got the Rave coffee today, I made the first brew at 20 on the Virtuoso which is half way on the grind dial, I have included a picture, total brew time was 4m15s, the bitterness is gone in this medium/dark roast but I am still getting some of the mouth drying going off. Also so here is what the one cup filter basket looks like after a brew, I ran some hot water through the machine that also pre wetted the filter today, I will try my next brew at 22 to see what effect that has.
  15. At 18 and 20 it had some fruit type acidity that was lost going coarser, it was more the mouth drying that I was trying to get away from, I’ve never had it before. Also the grinder is brand new so could be the issue as well, it is recommend for drip and aeropress so hoping it is just this coffee.
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