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  1. For me, I want to learn about how a specific batch of beans age... so I will usually taste the beans when I first get them, and each day thereafter... determining which day off-roast I prefer, but also gleaning a bit about how flavours (& effects of C02) change over a week to 10 days. If I like them & buy the same bean again, I then refer to my notes on the beans, and drink or store accordingly. While I could safely wait for 7 to 10 days with most new-to-me batches of beans, I might miss out on a really good taste earlier on!☺️
  2. Interesting.... My coffee grinds don’t attract fruit flies at all! However, I do keep those spent grounds in a separate dish from all other food scraps, so that might explain it.🤔 (The dish with spent coffee grinds doesn’t get emptied every day, whereas the food scrap bowl gets emptied frequently each day.) As long as I put the daily banana peel &/or apple peel straight outside into the compost bin (pronto!), no fruit flies appear indoors.... but, if the peel sits for even 10 minutes, a swarm of them will appear, and in no time I have an invasion of the critters! The emptied compost bowl needs to be completely rinsed (or washed)... the slightest bit of residue will be enough to attract them. They are impressive fellows, albeit annoying!😉🤣
  3. I agree with you, the best chance of success in my experience favours a small cafe, with a passionate owner/barista who is also the only one pulling the shots. One popular cafe near me has several baristas, but only one who is consistently superb at the craft. I stop in if he is at the bar, and otherwise give it amiss. He makes shots that are always intriguing or educational (different roast levels & beans than I would choose to use at home, but so well made in his capable hands... I broaden & learn from new flavours & textures in his shots, something that I very much appreciate. He also is so keen & eager to discuss the craft.... genuinely pleased to chat about whatever is in the cup... or cleaning a grinder, adjusting it for humidity, etc... anything at all connected to coffee!😇 (When dining out, I do find the chances of a good cuppa joe are far greater with filtered & V60 coffee than with espresso.)
  4. Yup, and in this case they had great gear, but no one capable of doing it justice. More’s the pity.
  5. I’ve grown very wary of buying espresso at cafes... so rarely get a good one, or even an “interesting” one. I’ll order tea, if the risk of “espresso disappointment” is high—as not-great tea can (sometimes) be better buried in milk, whereas milk can (sometimes) bring out even more awfulness in a bad espresso! (I can tolerate bad tea better than a bad espresso!😂) And, why don’t good restaurants understand the last coffee/espresso of the night is as important as the meal & the flamboyant dessert? Because too many people don’t cherish good coffee? ... or drink without attention? ... or drown it with milk & flavourings that turn it into a liquid candy bar?? Oh, it drives me crazy! I feel a good owner should be educating his customers to higher levels of appreciation.🤩 Call me an unapologetic espresso/coffee snob. For example: I had a truly wonderful meal last year at a local restaurant with a very good chef... the sort of meal that gives a glow & lingers... and cries out for an excellent single shot to wrap up the experience. I knew better, yet couldn’t help myself; wanted that accented closure to a great dinner. I looked over at the dimly lit bar... spotted untended but enviable equipment, so thought “yes, this bodes well”. Oh my, what a disappointment... undrinkable... and the lovely meal went out of my mind, replaced by the decision to never eat there again. Why doesn’t the industry understand this? It’s the last taste that stays with you when you leave the restaurant; that defines whether you return. I’ve learned to be wary.
  6. @mariner89 You could also be very happy with the MBK Aergrind, which is the best bang for the least amount of money. It gives excellent brewing results. (Dose Capacity is limited to about 25 grams, and takes about half a minute to grind.)
  7. I’d desperately need a cup of coffee before I could ponder repairing the house!🤣☕️😂
  8. Sorry if I was unclear. My comment was not about Niche’s recommendations. If anything, it was in support of Niche’s recommendations. I was referring to articles I have read (about single-dose grinders in general) that promote dosing from a grinder using a cup to stir grinds, rather than dosing directly into Portafilter. @ursego was indicating annoyance that the Niche did not supply a support for the pf... I was suggesting he might consider trying a different & recommended method than the one he was previously using. (Single-dose grinders can benefit by mixing the grind output in the dosing cup, or so I’ e been told by espresso gurus.) (I should have quoted ursego’s earlier comment along with my post; might have been less confusing)
  9. If one comes from a hand-grinding background, doing a cocktail shake &/or a WDT stir of grinds prior to pouring grinds into the portafilter is standard procedure. On the Niche, I’ve done it both ways... jerry-rigging a portafilter support (with funnel), which is not hard to do at all. However, I prefer using the supplied cup. Interestingly, some of the espresso gurus are now recommending doing the cocktail shake & stir in a cup, over dosing directly into a portafilter. 🤷‍♀️
  10. Can you tell me: the diameter of the base? the diameter of the mirror face? It is not magnified, correct?
  11. Your listing is so very tempting, but I do have to hold off for awhile yet. I hope I’ll have a shot at buying a used one in a few months time. Thanks again for guiding me in the right direction.
  12. I suspect stripping one down & servicing might be beyond us, but it is a thought to further consider. More likely (& realistically) will be hunting for a bargain machine in good nik.
  13. Thanks so much to all who replied. Most helpful details & information to act upon.
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