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  1. Sorry, I’m not understanding what you mean ... I am 100% clueless about “leads” & “mains”. I plug directly from the Niche into the kitchen wall’s electrical outlet (no extension cord being used). Is that A-OK?
  2. Off topic, but may I ask if there is any reason to unplug the Niche when not in use? I tend to leave things plugged in for convenience (unless an electrical storm threatens); the red power light stays on, of course, too.... anyway, if this is not advised, please advise, and I will try to change my bad habits!
  3. Messaging here, as I can’t see how to reply to your response without quoting too many posts in the process! Just wanted to say thank you for your comments on the Niche-Knock comparison (and I should have mentioned I am espresso-brewing only).

    1. Mrboots2u


      Espresso brewing, niche wins for me everytime 

    2. Slowpress



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