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  1. Missing Bean have a cafe in Turl Street in Oxford city centre. Worth a visit when in town. Also worth a visit is Society Cafe down St Michael's Street. Excellent coffee at both and worth seeking out if you haven't already. Both highly recommended,
  2. New Ground Coffee come highly recommended. A little more expensive than others if ordering small quantities but evens out if ordering in multiples. You can find them tucked away just off the London road in Headington. Look for the sandwich board on Windmill road near the traffic lights. https://www.newgroundcoffee.com/
  3. That'll do for me! Mug of tea on the side and I'm set for the day.
  4. In that case can I take it please?
  5. + 1 for the Aeropress. It would be my choice for good coffee on a budget every time.
  6. The James Gourmet coffee that I suggested is really a pour over so if your preference is espresso it probably isn't what you're after, excellent though it is.
  7. James Gourmet Coffee do a very nice Colombian decaff El Carmen bean. Highly recommended and well priced to boot! https://jamesgourmetcoffee.com/product/decaffeinated-colombian-el-carmen-250g/
  8. Nice cup of decaf this morning from New Ground Coffee in Oxford. Made in an Aeropress.
  9. Sounds very similar to the fault detailed in the above thread. Hopefully this will help you solve your issue.
  10. I've never owned one but a good friend of mine did. Truth be told the coffee it produced was on a par with what my old Gaggia Classic used to make. He eventually "traded up" to a bean to cup machine and it's not a patch on the Baby. Sure there are better machines out there but at less than £100 I reckon a Gaggia Baby is worth a try. Partner it with a suitably capable grinder and use fresh beans for a solid budget setup.
  11. Sounds like they might be worth experimenting with then considering the relatively modest cost involved. Thanks for the info.
  12. Out of interest and bearing in mind that you say the VST baskets are less forgiving, what exactly is the benefit taste-wise to this upgrade? I'm intrigued to discover in what way the baskets improved things?
  13. Thanks for the clarification, Dave.
  14. I'm not really surprised at their stance on this to be fair. Your warranty will be with the manufacturer not the vendor. I'm sure that Bella Barista will assist you should need be but any warranty extension would be at the manufacturers discretion. As you yourself have found, lockdown has brought its share of challenges. I would not be so quick to condemn BB under the current difficult trading conditions. The odd bump in the road has to be expected.
  15. All sorted then! Out of interest, which local supplier are you using?
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