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  1. Just placed an order for your house blends and also some mystery origin. Happy to support a forum sponsor with everything going on at the minute. From what others have posted it sounds like I won't be disappointed.
  2. Just ordered some flat white and latte cups. Bargain with the free saucers as well.
  3. I did look at the decent but it’s not for me. Not dual boiler so can’t stream and extract at the same time. Also it worries me a bit that you’d spend so much on a decent. Knowing how quick tech moves on then how many years until the iPad thing stops supporting updates or the tech becomes out dated. Everyone has their own opinion but I don’t need a tech heavy espresso machine. Yes people will say the crem is tech heavy but inside it is quite mechanical. I wouldn’t expect a decent to last 15 years.
  4. The Crem does allow you to change the temperature of the boiler. I have also narrowed my machine search down to the Crem or Vesuvius as well. Although the new machine will have to wait till the end of the year (I work in an industry that isn't known for job security so with everything going on I don't want to drop ££ on a new machine at the minute). I think I am leaning more towards the Crem at the minute. It has loads of different features and brewing methods. Also the Vesuvius is a bit of a beast and would take up the pretty much the whole of my coffee area in my
  5. As per title, looking for a Motta 53mm tamper and also a 53mm Motta distribution tool. Thanks.
  6. Not sure if you would but I’d be interested in tamper and distribution tool if you decide to split.
  7. So I'm guessing you've paid around £2k for an expensive BTC machine. They have then said that you can't actually have a full strength 5 bean (whatever that is, i'm guessing it changes the dose) coffee. So you can't actually use all the features on the machine. If I was you then the Jura would be going straight back for a refund. As Dave suggested look at some prosumer machines, will be a much better investment for your money.
  8. How about something like ACS Minima paired with a Niche? Would still have a fair bit of change out of £2k.
  9. Ahhh OK then I am mistaken. Reading in-between the lines of your review I presumed that the settings didn't go as deep as say the vesuvius. On the Vesuvius you can change a lot including PID, offsets, motor acceleration rate etc. When you said in the Crem review that you had to go back to Crem to get the offset setting added to the firmware so you can change them I presumed that the initial range of settings wasn't as deep as the Vesuvius. Agree about the advanced users and not changing something you don't know about. I'm not saying I would change them but I think it is nice that a
  10. I'll wait for the updated review. From reading your current review it does seem that the Crem is lacking a bit on the firmware front. When you compare to something like the vesuvius where you can change a magnitude of settings. I can understand maybe Crem not wanting people to change settings and not trusting people to leave them alone if they don't know what they're doing but having the options to change deeper settings if you need to is a nice touch.
  11. How would you say this compares to a Lelit Bianca? I was pretty set on a Bianca but now being on lockdown I can't help but continue researching and now I've got doubts again. Having the ability to store profiles is a big win and it appears the Crem will be more accurate as you can adjust at 0.2 bar intervals rather than relying on a manual paddle. How do the internals/build quality compare? I see the Crem uses copper boilers where the Lelit uses stainless steel. I quite like the Crem as it has nice little features such as the USB and being able to update it. Lelit
  12. Do you have a link for the funnel?
  13. Does anybody know of a dosing cup that will fit inside a sage portafilter? I want to start grinding into a dosing cup rather than direct to the portafilter to break up the clumps better.
  14. I always drink and try to learn for the next shot.
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