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  1. How would you say this compares to a Lelit Bianca? I was pretty set on a Bianca but now being on lockdown I can't help but continue researching and now I've got doubts again. Having the ability to store profiles is a big win and it appears the Crem will be more accurate as you can adjust at 0.2 bar intervals rather than relying on a manual paddle. How do the internals/build quality compare? I see the Crem uses copper boilers where the Lelit uses stainless steel. I quite like the Crem as it has nice little features such as the USB and being able to update it. Lelit just brought out a new update and you've got to order new parts, a USB is so much simpler in todays world. Also things like the big drip tray and sensor I like, I mean who enjoys emptying the drip tray all the time. Then I keep seeing the Vesuvius thread by Paolo and not sure if I should just get that. Although out of the three I can't say the Vesuvius is a looker. The build quality of the Vesuvius does appeal to me as my next purchase will be a keeper and I can see me keeping it for 10/15 years, unless I win the lottery and then I'd get the Rocket R 9 1.
  2. Rozzer

    53mm dosing cup

    Do you have a link for the funnel?
  3. Does anybody know of a dosing cup that will fit inside a sage portafilter? I want to start grinding into a dosing cup rather than direct to the portafilter to break up the clumps better.
  4. I always drink and try to learn for the next shot.
  5. Am I able to have a code please? Would like to try some new beans 😀
  6. Rozzer

    Bean Storage

    Seems like I’ll need an airscape then. Say I had 1kg of beans would I be ok storing all them in the airscape? Or would it be best say storing half in the airscape and the other half in the freezer. Currently I go through about 200-300g beans a week.
  7. So how are people storing their beans? Currently have a subscription that is supplying just the amount of coffee I need. But I want to start trying different beans so I’m going to need somewhere to store them. Should I just buy an Airscape as people seem to really rate them? Are they worth the money? Or is an air tight container fine?
  8. I have some clumping with my sgp too. At the minute I’m using a cocktail stick to give it a bit of a stir. I’m wondering if a niche like work flow might be better though. In the sense of grinding into a dosing cup, stirring the grinds and then putting them in the portafilter. Is anyone doing this? Anybody know a dosing cup that will fit the sage 53mm portafilter?
  9. What's the price through the forum? I'm hoping to get a Bianca in January (well at least take a trip to BB to play with some machines). Bianca is £1850 and the Vesuvius is £3295. So that would have to be one hell of a discount.
  10. Yes things like the moveable tank, shot timer and level pf are the little details that again push me towards the bianca. It seems like they’ve thought about the little details and that appears backed up in DavecUk review.
  11. That’s good to hear. By the way thanks for taking the time to do the big review. Certainly made the bianca a lot more attractive to me after I’d read it. It’s either the bianca or the Rocket r58. For the same price having the ability to play with profiles seems a big win for the bianca.
  12. Thought I’d add to this thread rather than starting a new one. I was looking at a Rocket for my next machine however I’ve now come across Lelit and the bianca has caught my attention. I’d never really come across Lelit before, can anyone compare them to Rocket in terms of build quality and how they will last over the years?
  13. Good old google after researching machines.
  14. Lurking for a while. Probably won’t buy a new machine until around Christmas but researching every detail is half the fun right?
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