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  1. Has it gone down again? doesnt seem to be loading any of the forum topics? Ignore me. logged out and back in again has done the trick
  2. Doesn't need to be a cart....i guess some kind of vehicle /setup as will be outside office.... Good coffee is key. I'm not managing it myself. Will pass any details over to account handler
  3. Hi, any recommendations for decent coffee Carts that can be booked for a company event? Thanks In advance
  4. @DavecUK thanks for tip regarding stirring coffee. Struggling before this to get a decent pour from a naked portafilter. Works everytime now
  5. Hey, I only need one medium... Happy to go in with your order
  6. Birmingham area interested in a medium size... Anyone else?
  7. Great film dave. Where did you get your suction pot for your beans?
  8. Cheers. No it's all good. Just thinking ahead and while people are talking about the grinder thought I would ask.
  9. Will the wood occasionaly need treating/nourishing? If so what would you guys recommend?
  10. I'm definitely not questioning the instructions. Just wanted to clarify that tablets is on the list of specialist cleaning products. I'm guessing they are
  11. Only ask as that's how I used to clean previous grinder...
  12. Quick question. Regarding cleaning. After reading instructions would I be right in thinking that we should not use grinder cleaner tablets?
  13. Goes nicely with the Niche kettle and toaster
  14. Thanks John. I'm guessing you will announce on the forums if you do decide to ship pro without plumbing kit? Last question.... Is there a list of the different versions and what is changed? E.g v1. 3 if pro model in Jan vs v1. 1 in September? Thanks
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