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  1. The machine is in use daily for the last six monthsSame coffee,same settings.Its cleaned out every day and this morning an extra clean was done.We are in a soft water area and filtered water is used.Just ran the machine with no coffee or filter holder in place with no improvement.
  2. Just recently my wife has been noticing that the coffee comes out much slower than normal and after about three cups the drip tray is full.Usually after three cups there is just a small amount of liquid in it.As this a newish machine to her she has no idea where to begin looking to rectify the problem.
  3. The Peginator, I never said it was a perfectly good machine. Mr Binks, I have since found a neighbour who will take it for spares.
  4. Have just taken delivery of a new Classic 2019.Before throwing out my ten year old Silvia is there any parts I should remove to be used at a later date as replacements ?
  5. Just ordered mine from anothercoffee.com for £357 delivered.
  6. Just ordered the Gaggia for £357 delivered.I think thats a good price.
  7. Thanks for all the advice and it looks like she is going for the Gaggia Classic 2019. Now to look for a grinder.?
  8. She tells me it comes though very slowly with the single but hardly at all with the double one.
  9. Ddoe,we have already changed the pump and,gasket and did all the cleaning of the solenoid etc and,backflushing etc. The problem with it is the coffee flow is slow and only comes out of one of the portafilter nozzles.Also does not produce crema any more as well as being a lot noisier than it used to be.
  10. She wants to buy new and I don't think we have enough knowledge to go for used.She has looked at Sage and dismissed them so that leaves the two machines I mentioned she also wants a decent grinder and I imagine she could get the Gaggia+grinder for the price of a Silvia.
  11. Thanks for the answer Working Dog.I am on here on behalf of my better half as I am not a coffee lover.Her 10 year old Silvia has finally died and she us looking for a replacement.She has narrowed it to latest Silvia at around £500 or Gaggia Classic 2019 at £360.As you can see there is a big difference in price.The Gaggia seems to have more bells and whistles.Her budget is around £500.Or is there better options?
  12. Just joined the forum and there seems to be loads of good stuff on here.One thing am disappointed with though is when I go to he sections regarding what machine to buy or how much my money will get me the advice is 7 or 8 years old.How much relevance is this advice now.Or am I looking in the wrong place?
  13. Only started drinking green tea mainly for supposed health benefits,not fat burning. Had some from specialist online sites,Adagio and London Teamakers etc. Have tried various from these sites,Sencha,Sleeping Dragon,White Monkey,Gunpowder,to name a few.I will only be drinking 3 or 4 cups a day so am looking for just the one type to replace my normalPG Tips,Typhoo etc. They seem pretty expensive to me.Wondering how the quality of tea compares with brands from supermarkets like Twinings or a couple from that Waitrose do.Always imagine the supermarkets type would contain less of the
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