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  1. Yeah there isn't too many updates from Indigogo once you order. But if you email James at [email protected] he can let you know when your order is expected, although I believe the next batch is August.
  2. The shots I am pouring now are fantastic! The Rave Guatemala Bosques de San Francisco beans I was using for the first 5 attempts needed to be ground a lot courser compared to their Kenya Kagumoini AA beans.
  3. Hey James, thank you for your support and great customer service. I am just getting used to the grind settings, but the shot I pulled this morning using the Niche was great! Jake
  4. How are you finding the Niche? I got it yesterday and wasted 4 double shots as I ground so fine that no water came through the puck, even though I was in the 'Espresso Range'. Eventually went a lot courser. I'm thinking of upgrading my machine, but I'm not really sure on what the benefits are? I get that upgrading the grinder is worth it, as it really impacts the quality of the espresso, but what benefits are there to upgrading the machine? I have found that the more I learn about coffee, the less I know about coffee!
  5. Hello everybody, As I have recently joined the forum, I thought I would post my coffee journey to date: After leaving University and starting a real job, I was drinking freeze-dried, standard cheap coffee from the supermarkets. I soon started drinking the slightly more 'expensive' brands/versions, typically stuff with higher strength ratings (little did I know!). I then spent 3-4 years drinking Nespresso pods at home, with a penchant for the stronger, more intense pods. At the end of last year I finally bought a Espresso Machine (Sage Barista Express). I soon started buying freshly roasted beans from various UK roasters every 2 weeks to maintain freshness. I have also purchased a Aeropress, which I haven't given sufficient use as I love pulling espresso's from my machine and I haven't managed to change my workday coffee habits (cheap Aldi pre-ground barista stuff which I actually like). This week I have pulled the trigger on a Niche Zero grinder, awaiting delivery next week. I have also been trying to immerse myself in this forum, r/coffee and r/espresso on reddit, and am reading The World Atlas of Coffee by James Hoffman and The Coffee Roaster's Companion by Scott Rao. Who knows what the future holds for my coffee journey . . . . . I am already considering upgrading my machine, with ideas of a Decent machine or something similar. I am also considering getting into home roasting. Anyway, it's great to join this community!
  6. @RobboI know this thread is literally from 3 years ago, but how did you get on with this? I am thinking of almost the exact same thing, so would be great to get an insight to how you did things (if you did). Cheers
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