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  1. Magnetic! So it sticks to the front of the machine!! Ordered!!
  2. That's a relief, thanks! There was a small screw in the original Gaggia Classic portafilter. Am I right in not screwing that in (it's for a 15bar pressurised right?) I wish I'd bought scales with a timer on now. I couldn't see the point in them until I realised I had to weigh AND time my shot!
  3. Thanks Mr Boots. Yes, calibrated the grinder - I accidentally ran the grinder for about 10 seconds on calibration mode. One bean is a great bean roasted a week ago, the other is Tesco and likely months old. I'll try finer. Just haven't seen anyone go below 17 on this thread....
  4. I'm having a bit of trouble. Using a Gaggia Classic, at 9bar pressure. I'm using 18g of beans and getting about 40g of liquid in about 20 seconds . I'm using setting 17 which is the low end of what most people are doing. Used 2 different beans and getting similar times. Using the VST 18g Ridgeless filterbasket. There was a small screw in the original Gaggia Classic portafilier, which I'm NOT screwing in, is that right?
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