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  1. Whilst taking a break from the Espresso machine, I've been enjoying the Mokka pot. Looking for a nice, cheap everyday blend that works nicely. I've tried Rave Signature Blend and Rave Fudge Blend and enjoyed both, and will be more than happy with either again. Just wanted to see if anyone had any other suggestions.
  2. I use Cravendale full fat too. I don't really notice much difference in taste but I've never tasted it back to back with other milk really. Lasts for at least 10 days opened which is just so convenient. Occasionally I'll get Jersey milk as a treat. Didn't know about A1 /A2 milk either. I wonder if we'll start seeing Cravendale A2 etc in shops.
  3. A little bit yes. It kinds of sinks and compresses a bit, and the puck is harder to knock out than it is out of the portafilter in my Espresso machine. With the valve hiss, are you putting it on tight enough? Sometimes if I don't screw it on enough, pressure seems to escape out of the join, and little bubbles of water spurt through.
  4. I don't suppose it matters if it tastes good. Ideally, I think you want an almost silent flow, and take it off the heat when it starts spluttering.
  5. I think you just need to go a tiny bit courser. I'm getting really interesting results with mine. I'm using Rave Signature blend, ground at setting 28 on the Niche. The result is the creamiest, smoothest, chocolatiest coffee I think I've ever had. Grinding at lower than 24 is a bit too fine and the water struggles to rise through the grinds, leaving me with a thick, small amount of unpleasant coffee. Grinding 25-26 and it tastes a little bitter. I think that's because the water is still fighting to press through the coffee, increasing the extraction time. 28 is absolutely
  6. That's got to be bad news hasn't it?
  7. Just made another, and the water wouldn't blow up the spout properly. Does this indicate it's too fine?
  8. Yeah you did, however on Niche, Drip/Filter is in the 40-50 territory. I know they are only guidelines, and ignore the numbers to an extent, but mine is calibrated where most Espresso works where it suggests on the dial. I just made it at around 23 on the dial, so slightly courser than the max Espresso setting, and it was delicious (using hot water method).
  9. I do my setting for Espresso usually around 15, and adjust accordingly. What setting would you start with for a Moka pot?
  10. Resale value on these is crazy at the minute due to demand. I have one, but it's my only Grinder, and if I sold it I'd have to just wait and buy another. If you're rich, and money is no object, then I'd sell you mine but the price would be unfair!
  11. Interesting - would like to have one of these. Does it say how much?
  12. It looks ok! Set at 9bar, which is rare! 58mm grouphead. 420ml brass boiler. Pressure gauge (which doesn't seem to display any numbers) It's like someone has read the forum and put everything we want into an entry level machine - but I'm guessing it's not very good.? Looks a little bit like an Australian machine I saw a while ago - Sunbeam or something? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Espresso-coffee-machine-Cappuccino-Machines-9-bar-Stainless-Steel-1200-W/293405990812?hash=item44505c1f9c:g:7NMAAOSwqn1eDu2m
  13. I don't care - I want in the deal. I'm good for half a ton.
  14. I'm not joking about the Yemeni coffee - timing was mad! It's Mutawast Community, from Quarter Coffee. He said it's amazing.
  15. Ironically, my friend has just texted saying he's just paid £36 for 250g of Yemeni coffee and it's the best he's ever had - so now I'm interested. Tell us more, Norad!
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