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  1. Brilliant, thanks! Let me know of next steps.
  2. May I also have one the next time you make a batch? (or sooner? :)) I've been looking for one of those for a while. Thank you!
  3. My barista recommends the Puly Caff cleaning powder professionals use. It's cheaper and so far my sage seems very happy with it. I use the same quantity as a tablet (fill the plastic inset with a small amount of powder, equivalent to the size of a tablet).
  4. Hi there. Have had the sage for a couple of moths and am loving it. No problems with the grinder so far but I bought a manual grinder on the side with which I am truly happy, because I can play with very precise grind levels and can try different beans easily without having to dismantle and clean the sage grinder.
  5. I am a coffee addict who just decided to get serious -- ditched nespresso two months ago and bought a Sage Barista express and a Kanso Hiku grinder which I absolutely adore. Now on the quest to perfection... I hope to learn more here from you all.
  6. Search in google. Very visible forum!
  7. Good morning! Just got some equipment (Sage Barrista express and a Kanso Hiku grinder) and are finding the fori here very useful!
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