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  1. I'll take the two Acme? grey cups and saucers but it'd have to be posted.
  2. My dad got a bottle of single malt. Happy Father's Day all!
  3. This is probably an unpopular opinion but for some reason of all the big chains I find McDonalds coffee most drinkable. I know it has almost no aroma and no real flavour notes, Starbucks probably is brewed at a proper strength but regardless of all that, it just tastes so bad to me.
  4. Bit too far for me so I wouldn't be able to pick up 😕 Furthest north I go frequently is Leicester lol
  5. Hey, I'm interested. I was about to purchase a new Mignon Specilitia but this looks like a step up, I think? Not sure if there's anything the Specilitia can do that the Zenith can't? Whereabouts are you?
  6. Just to clarify, I never drink Nespresso solely as espresso. It's always with milk, like a flat white, for a quick fix. But it still tastes more like coffee than the instant I was using before it lol As an espresso to me every variety of pod tastes pretty weird and burnt
  7. I'm in a similar position to you. I've been using Nespresso for a couple years. But I got a Moka pot a while back and started using it now and then with some preground coffee which tasted a lot better (but was probably old and stale, would be thrown away by most here!) Then I started buying subscription ground coffee which was roasted within a couple days of being delivered and I'm pretty hooked. I can't afford the type of machine I want to jump for just yet (Lelit P62 or similar) so I'm gonna get a decent grinder to pair with my Moka pot and buy whole beans instead. I've been looking at the Eureka Mignon but haven't made my mind up yet! I will sheepishly admit that I still go to the Nespresso instead of the Moka pot when I'm in a rush because there's basically 0 cleanup required. But I think when I eventually get the espresso machine I'll be getting rid of the Nespresso for good
  8. Thank you! Other than the touch screen which is a bit irrelevant to me, is the burr size difference very significant?
  9. Can anyone help a newbie understand the difference between the different Mignon versions? I'm looking on bellabarista and I see the Filtro for £189, Silenzio for £299 and Specialita for £359. This will be my first grinder. Initially I'll be using it with a moka pot but eventually I'll go for a good machine like the Lelit 62 once I've saved up enough on the side, so I've decided to jump to a good grinder straight off the bat that will work well with the machine in the future. Any help is appreciated!
  10. Edit: Guess this was supposed to be posted in the intro section. Woops! I've been lurking and spending hours browsing here before I made an account! I've been using a Nespresso machine for a few years now but someone got me a moka pot and the taste was so much better than Nespresso once I figured out how to use it properly. I still use the Nespresso sometimes for a quick hit but since I've started buying freshly roasted coffee I always reach for the moka pot now. And since I found this place it's been a spiral into looking at espresso machines. I've started looking at higher quality machines like the Sage DBP or Lelit Mara 62 but it will be a while until I decide to pull the trigger on those. For now I'm looking at a good grinder to pair with the moka pot so I can stop buying pre-ground coffee. First I was looking at Bodum and lower quality grinders but I've been eyeing the Mignon since I like the look and it's within my budget. I figure if I'm gonna eventually splurge on a machine I mightaswell get a capable grinder now. To finish with a question, does anyone know the requirements for posting in the wanted section? I'd like to bag a second hand Mignon if possible!
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