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  1. Hi guys, thanks for the feedback. I managed to get to the bottom of the issues. I bought a used machine with no instructions. So I had to calibrate the grinder and reduce the pressure. Now I have done these things it's pouring as perfectly as I can get it. Rich crema and a great drink. Grind was way off, so water was just pouring through. Once I set that and after reducing the extract pressure it was fine.
  2. Thanks for the response. I'll try to re-program to account for the coffee, good idea. The machine has a built in grinder so I'm using this, I have it on a fine setting already, maybe 4 from maximum fine. The coffee looks fine when I test how it's grinding. The coffee has no crema at all, pure black, any ideas why this would be?
  3. Hi all, First post on this forum. I have just picked up a used Expobar Pico. Was 3 years old best I can tell and a bit dirty when it arrived but I've cleaned it up and it looks great now. Everything seems to be working, boiler heats up nicely etc. The issues I am having are as follows? When I put the porta filter in the gp head (no coffee) and press 1 short coffee, I get the exact amount (30ml) after programming it as such. However when there is coffee in the porta filter I only get half that amount. I have to press the button twice to get the right amount of water to go through. When I pull a shot the water goes very fast into the cup, maybe 5 seconds. There is no crema etc. I have just tested the pressure with a pressure gauge I bought today and it says approx 12 bar. I did note that when testing the pressure there was a small amount of water leaking out of the join of the porta filter and group head. (new basket and seal needed?) What should the pressure be? I saw a video that said 10 bar is this correct? Does anyone have or know where I can get an operating manual or any manual of this machine?
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