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  1. Nick - I similarly had issues with Colombian, so its interesting you say that. Unsure which bean you got? Puck was 'wet and sludgy'. Crema thin and Id have to stop the shot at 20s max. No matter what I did I could not dial it in. But...in a milk drink it was nice. Not my favourite, but nice. I never tried it as a straight shot given the consistency. I stopped using it with the naked handle because it was pissing everywhere and making a mess. (and no, my workflow is fine, and has been the same for the next C&C bean since). I also ordered a second kg of Brazilian Mantiquera which I have just started into the hopper. No issues and its pumping out great crema on my standard grinder setting. Even went back to the naked handle so I could see how the shot pulled. No issues. Hat tip to Jake at C&C though - he has been really responsive to address concerns. So much so I am willing to try order again for batch #2. You would be lucky to get such a level of service from other roasters, so credit where credit is due. This is how you build loyalty...Im yet to lock into one single roaster. tammma
  2. Hi Atlas, I just checked this out. I actually like the fact that your range is small...but well priced. Too many roasters spend too much time on fluffy branding and graphics. I am buying beans, not artwork. would love to support and buy in volume. Is this roasted to order? How does that work, before I click send. tammma
  3. This morning's brew.
  4. Mine were roasted 24/2 so have had several weeks degassing in the pack unopened. They were shipped vacuum sealed so you do notice the bag is a bit puffier after a week or two. My Aussie roaster used to recommend roughly waiting a week or two and consuming within 4-6 weeks. I never generally had stuff left over older than that so can't really comment on how they deteriorate....presume they become like supermarket beans. Tammma
  5. Coming up very well. Strong, thick Crema...well balanced, not too acidic and not too bitter either.
  6. tammma

    Smart plug

    I have used an old Belkin WeMo for several years with my Technika. Works beautifully.
  7. Keen to know more. Heading back to Oz next Christmas, so considering getting one there and bringing it back. Also more chat on this roaster here if anyone is keen... https://coffeesnobs.com.au/roasters/52763-kaffelogic-nano-7-fluidised-air-bed-roaster.html Tammma
  8. I think I ordered these roast date 24/2. A darker roast than what I am typically used to (my first order from cc). Decent Crema and getting a good shot out. Grinder settings dialled in from when the machine was in Oz and have not touched. Typically I've found that fresh beans seemed to peak for me after week 2 or so after degassing a bit anyway. So I suspect these will get better over the next week or two. Tammma
  9. Well, after 10 months away from my machine I can say CP beans are as good as any I was able to source in Oz. Thanks for the code. My milk stretching left a little bit to be desired (I blame lack of practice and different bench heights!). Curious as to what the mystery bean is but happy I made the leap of faith and ordered a full 2kg off the bat. Great to be back! 😃 Tammma
  10. Thanks NikonGuy! Ordered Saturday. Roasted & Packed Monday. Arrived Tuesday. If the coffee is as good as the service, I am in for a treat! tammma
  11. Thanks John - this is super helpful - very clear! tammma
  12. Thanks Mildred - I will unpack my machine next week and then look to order some then! tammma
  13. Thanks! This sounds like it is easier than I had first imagined. and just to clarify, by 3/4, I am assuming you are referring to the 3/8ths we were talking to earlier in the thread? tammma
  14. +1 for Deep. Thanks for the recommendation. Pity they were repaving the sidewalks outside last November.
  15. Not quite Porto but I have been recommended The Mill in Lisbon for a great coffee. It is on my to visit list. Google reviews and photos seem to back it up.
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