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  1. Thanks - I seem to be struggling. I know about Newport and Island Roasted, but I think it might be a little too far on foot...I am desparately trying to stay away from the Costa! Appreciate the response!
  2. Hi All, I am off to Cowes Week next week. Anyone have any good recommendations for a good coffee? Ive been to PO41 over in Yarmouth before, but thats a bit of a hike from Cowes! t
  3. It was just on the shelf for customers to browse There was a very handy chart on what they regarded as the sweet spot for water.
  4. Awesome this is super helpful. Which site did you use in the end? If you can't share publicly because of site rules feel free to pm me. Keen to get an understanding of your setup and whether this is something I could install myself or whether I'd need a plumber in. Were there any issues with mounting bwt? I've read Brita filters need to be installed upright. T
  5. A quick follow up, I was in a coffee shop this morning and they had this book solely on water. Highly recommended. Moral of the story is that you need to find a filtration /RO solution that is best for the water supply you have....horses for courses.
  6. So we stopped into Greenhoods today. An excellent cup...many thanks to thos post for getting us there. A much better detour on a roadtrip than a sketchy servo Costa! Cheers! T
  7. Brendan, what is the name of the roastery? I pop over to Deal every now and again. t
  8. I'd add: Code Black Roasters, Axil, Industry Beans, Dukes Coffee Roasters, and Patricia Coffee Brewers
  9. Its been a few years since I've lived there, but I spent quite a bit of time up there for work still. Probably a bit late for you now but here are a few to start with, unfortunately not in Glebe or Newtown: - Gumption Cafe Strand Arcade off George St Sydney. Gumption is the city outpost of Marrickville roaster Coffee Alchemy - Single Origin Reservoir St Surry Hills - Reuben Hills Albion St Surry Hills - Coffee Alchemy, Addison Rd Marrickville
  10. thanks for this thread guys - I am doing a massive drive from Gatwick to Newcastle and Ive worked out Leicester is the perfect place to stop for a break and coffee 😀
  11. tammma

    G'day :)

    I'm tracking it daily via AIS. Its arrived in Egypt, having crossed the Suez Canal 😀😀
  12. tammma

    G'day :)

    Hi All, Recently arrived in the UK from Melbourne. My ECM technika is on its way in the shipping container and I cant wait to unbox it. I miss having freshly brewed coffee first thing in the morning! Fantastic that there is a similar community here for home baristas as there is back in Oz. I am looking forward to getting set up and eventually trying out some roasting once I am all set up! If you have any recommendations or suggestions, please feel free to reply! thanks t
  13. Yeah - storing water isnt a great option either, hence why I was considering the underbench systems in the first place... I do like the fact that these osmio units are self contained and there is no rigging up. Keeps things simple.
  14. thanks Dave - I managed to. the initial link didnt seem to work. The downside is another unit on benchtop somewhere, when benchtop space is already at a premium...
  15. Hi Nooge, Welcome - can I ask what are you doing with your water intake? Is it straight from the London tap? My ECM is coming out of the shipping container from Melbourne where it had tap water through a Brita jug. But I am loathe to do the same thing with London water given the scale etc... t
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