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  1. Shouldve guessed. Everyone seems to love the niche.
  2. Thanks Agentb. Some good tips. Just to be clear though, waving a paw wildly at the niche means thumbs up or down at the niche? 😃
  3. Thanks guys, forgot to ask about scales. Any recommendations?
  4. I now have a shopping list of mods & accessories for my Gaggia Classic. Would appreciate if anyone could check it over and add or delete. 1- Mr Shades PID kit, which I believe controls & displays the temp of the boiler. 2- Rancilio Silvio steam wand. 3- A new tamper 58mm (any recommendations?) I think thats it but please advise. Now to a grinder. I know this seems to be the most asked question but what grinder should I buy? Ive never owned one so don't have a clue. Budget wise I suppose I could goto 500 pounds. I really like the single dose aspect of the niche zero but for a newbie should I be going for something else? Thanks in advance Michael
  5. Thanks for replies
  6. Hello, Can someone explain what the term dialing in means? See it getting used all the time on the forum but I'd never came across until I signed up here. Thanks Michael
  7. Great thanks will check that out.
  8. It's a pre 2015 model.
  9. Hello all coffee lovers. My faithful krups bean to cup machine has kicked the bucket and I have decided to dust down the old gaggia classic. It's my wife's machine and we have been used to using the krups because it's easy. Just press a button and go. From reading on here the bean to cup machines are not as good as espresso machines like the gaggia so here we are. Can you guys advice me on all the mods to get for the gaggia and where to get them? Also will I be able to install them myself? Many thanks Michael
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