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  1. Good news now: I sent a really friendly letter to his address and a few days later I got a shipping confirmation. I heard from other users that they just got their PID immediately after ordering just a few weeks ago. So I guess I was just unlucky. Problem is still that he doesn't seem to read emails. For all who have the same problem: a letter seems to work. So you can order there. My case seemed to be an exception. Haven't heard that anybody lost his/her money. Worst case is that you have to wait a few months.
  2. Bad news: I ordered the PID on 20th of March. Transfered 139 Euro to Jans account. Today (3 months later!!!) no PID shipped. No reaction to any email. This is really starting to be a fraud. I can understand if someone doesn't manage to answer support emails. But keeping the online shop active without any notice, taking the money and not shipping the product is not excusable. If he is not able to ship he should at least close the online shop or leave a notice there. So I can only warn anybody to place an order at Mecoffee. You probaply loose your money as I did!!! Or did anybody here in this forum had a PID successfully shipped or an email answered from Jan in the last three months?
  3. I ordered one a week ago (on the 19th of May). Got an automatic reply with an order number saying: Thanks for your order. It’s on-hold until we confirm that payment has been received. In the meantime, here’s a reminder of what you ordered: Haven't received a shipping confirmation yet. My question concerning the vanished iOS-Mebarista-App hasn't been answered either. I found a solution meanwhile: you find the sources on his git: https://git.mecoffee.nl/meBarista/meBarista_in_Ionic2 including an instruction how to build the app by yourself. I will post here when it arrives (Germany) so you will know if at least the shop is still working. Let's keep the fingers crossed it is. It seems to be the best - or better only - solution around if you want to have full and easy PID control and not ruin the great design of a Rancilio Silvia.
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