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  1. @MWJB Ah ok, thanks! I think I'll get an Aeropress, scales and a Wilfa svart grinder then. Sorry, just to sound like an idiot, few things I don't get: 1. Why will having beans in the hopper make them stale? 2. Why do you put in a extra bean or two? Only thing I'm concerned with is some people on here have been saying don't buy one that doesn't have replaceable burrs. It'll be ok since I'm not gonna be making 20 cups a day won't it...? 😂 @the_partisan Thanks for the link, I might get it from there since it's a bit cheaper too! What is the difference between that and the black one they sell? Different model names yet they don't look different besides colour... 🤔 Thank you guys, I'd have no clue where to go without the help 🤣
  2. Ok, so I'm thinking maybe the Wilfa Svart Grinder since you can get one for £89 w/ free 200g of beans and free delivery. That's on the cheaper side as, though I'd like a decent one, £150 is getting a fair bit... Would you say the encore has any advantages over this? I like it cos of its design and it has it all labeled i.e. if you want an Aeropress grind. The only thing is, if you want 1 cup from a cafatiere so 7g of grounds maybe, is it just a case of figuring out how long to grind to get this? Tbh, I don't think I'll be getting a machine anytime soon, I'm happy with the cafatiere and the aeropres looks really good, just want some nice coffee to make it with. Thanks for the hand grinder recommendations but it seems a lot for what it is and I can't be bothered, I just want the coffee! Sound reasonable to you guys..? Cheers, really appreciate it!
  3. Hi, I made a thread last month asking about machines and it looks like a good grinder is the way to go first. I was going to get the De'Longhi KG79 (I know everyone De'Longhi are bad but it's gotta be a step up from buying grounds right?) but it's my birthday in a few months and with my parents never knowing what to get, I was thinking I could ask for a bit of a better grinder. What would you recommend? I like the look of the sage smart grinder but the no parts after warranty worries me a bit. Don't really wanna spend more than £150 if possible, if it's that good of a deal or something I'll have a think but otherwise, that would be my limit really I'd likely be using it in an Aeropress, French press and a Moka pot, if that's relevant. I guess they'll all have enough coarsenes rangee for those... Really appreciate any help! Doodle
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