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  1. Sorry if it's not allowed, not asking to split but just expressing interest in the Gaggia if it does become that way... Otherwise good luck with the sell
  2. I'll have to have a think about these... On the one hand, nice, on the other.... I use a hand grinder.. 😂 How hard do you think they'll be on a porlex for brewed Aeropress coffee... vary vauge ik, sorry
  3. Ah ok, yeah my porlex can go plenty fine enough for espresso IMO and is ok doing up to 40g so that should be fine. I'll have a look into the OPV mod then when I get one, didn't know about that thanks! Yeah I just meant man generically, like friend but without sounding like a guy from Texas or whatever, sorry! 😂 Thanks for the help
  4. Yeah read a little bout these too... How close to microfoam do they get as opposed to shaking a bottle? Cheers!
  5. Hahaha, sounds fun!! 😂 Sorry, I know it's not what I started the thread about but I just use a porlex hand grinder at the minute, any problem with that for use with a portafilter (getting the grounds in it I'm meaning) and what is the opv mod quickly if you don't mind...? Do you do it to just configure the pressure then take it off the portafilter again...? Thanks for the help man!
  6. Yeah, I'm thinking the same as you now really. I'm watching GCs on eBay for arround £70 w/ 2 days to go near me... Motta tamper, rancillio silvia wand, pitcher and thermometer so we'll see how that goes.. make a prayer 😂🤞🏻 Good look with the new wand and thanks for the help!
  7. Hmm... I hadn't seen that before, looks kinda interesting... I've been having a think though and it maybe makes more sense to put the money towards my first machine than get an addition to the setup I have... Thanks for the suggestion though, I'll keep an eye out for one..!
  8. Yeah, this is almost what I do now, minus the French press. I tried it once but mine is a two cup... maybe that is why I didn't achieve the same consistently..?
  9. Yeah, thought about that before... I maybe didn't make it obvious what I was thinking, but I was getting at should I spend £40 on a used De'Longhi for the steamer or spend £120 on a classic and have espresso and a steamer as well as my Aeropress.... that is if I figure out where to start with an espresso machine 😂 Cheers
  10. Hey, I have a hand grinder and an Aeropress and, though you can get a pretty good latte with microwave and shaking, I'm thinking there must be a way to get closer... Is there any sense in buying a cheapish second hand De'L***hi just for the purpose of the steamer to get closer to microfoam, or would you just spend a bit more and upgrade to a Gaggia classic.... I'm a bit confused with where to start reading/ learning about using a proper espresso machine, parts, terms, maintenance etc etc... Which would you say? Cheers!
  11. Thanks, that's really helpful! I don't have a water bath though... What is the best alternative it microwaving is off the table? Why shouldn't you microwave it as well?
  12. I tried it and, while it made a good latte (though indifferent to the ones I have made before), I couldn't do any art. I've never tried it to be fair, so maybe some more reading is needed there but I had the right amount of milk to pour in but the froth just made a cap on top of my drink... I'm thinking it's not microfoam textured milk you end up with as the warm milk is just that with some froth forming from the plunger... then again what do I know 😂
  13. I feel kinda stupid for not thinking of that... I'll give it a go now and see how it is, thanks!
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