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  1. I went from a Lavazza pod machine to a Lelit Mara and a Mignon Specialita. I wanted pretty much the same as you, good coffee (in my case cappucino/flat white). As far as I'm concerned I'm there. Sometimes I don't get it quite right but most of the time I'm very pleased with the result and even when not quite right it's still very drinkable. There are a few bits I still want, Airscape container and dosing funnel, but I don't see me getting much else. Nothing wrong with calling it a day at coffee you're happy with IMHO, not everyone wants a full on hobby. Good luck with getting your set up together.
  2. Hi. I have owned my Mara and Mignon Specialita since the end of May. I quite happily single dose as I have 1 coffee a day and don't want to leave my beans in a hopper for a week or more. I know that in each grind there will be a small ammount of grounds from the previous day but, in my head at least, these cannot be any worse than days old beans "fresh" from the hopper. I know a lot on here will cry out about not purging or maybe not getting exactly the same quantity out as in but I know full well I can't taste the difference and I do wonder how many actually can. Having said this I drink milk based drinks and use dark roast beans, perhaps this makes any slight imperfections un-noticeable. My intention is to use a length of acrylic tubing to make a shortish, slim "hopper tube" to hold a few cups worth of beans, weighted down with a suitable mass, so that I can time rather than weigh my grinds - not as accurate I know but refer to previous paragraph. I do have an issue with the Niche, I think it's far to modern looking to sit side by side with my lovely retro looking Mara, the Mignon looks much more retro. Hope you find your perfect combination.
  3. I'm awaiting new reading glasses and looking at the writing in the arrow on the container I thought it said Cat Drink (well, they are lactose intolerant after all).
  4. Joey you're a star! Got a big box of just what I was looking for. Thank you.
  5. Totally not a coffee related question but, there are so many diy folk on here I'm hoping someone can help. Does anyone know of a supplier of very small screws please? I'm looking to secure the lid on short lengths of plastic mini trunking so after something in the region of 1-2mm in diameter (actual screw bit not head) and 5mm or so long. Thank you.
  6. I'm interested in getting one of these sometime but wondering if much strength is needed to push the arms down. Strange question I know but I fractured my wrist last year and have lost some overal strength along with pain if I overdo it. Thanks for any help.
  7. This may sound silly but this post has really cheered up the day (not that I was having a bad day). There are so many stories of peoples cruelty etc in the media, to read about an act of kindness gladdens the soul.
  8. OMG it certainly would! This is now saved to my list. Not 100% sure what the milled sleeve involves but there are a couple of DT techs at work I can talk to about it. I looked at others that had a max working pressure of e.g. 6bar, does this mean they can't be used? Thank you very much.
  9. DDoe

    15g VST basket wanted

    Just thought I'd update. The basket arrived today, 'tis very shiny compared to my other ones and in good condition 👍. My first shot was pretty poor so tweaked grinder setting and got something drinkable. Had another try in the afternoon and got what was probably my best shot so far.....ever! As I'm still getting to grips with this coffee malarky I always take a sip before adding the milk, this was the first one that has made me think that one day I might actually drink an espresso rather than a milk based drink. Thank you to @hubcap for a smooth and easy transaction.
  10. This is more like it but still not quite the look I'm after unfortunately. It's digital and I'd really like a more old fashioned looking analogue. However, I will bookmark it as I do quite like it. Thank you.
  11. Thank you for this idea. I remembered I have a small metal shaker for cocoa powder I don't use and, with moving the portafilla stand around, it fits nicely under the chute, pretty good fit in the basket too. Top tip I reckon!
  12. Looks great. Love the stainless steel handles, they fit in with the look perfectly. Personally I don't think there's a place on such a machine for a digital thermometer. I'm keen on a grouphead thermometer on my Mara but the only one around, (as far as I've found anyway), is the round plastic digital one which is so far from the look I'm after. Sorry if this offends.
  13. DDoe

    15g VST basket wanted

    Hi @hubcap. Sorry for the late reply, only just logged on. I'd love to take you up on your offer please. Shall we move to pm for payment details etc. I'm off for an early night soon and then work tomorrow, if I miss you tonight I'll sort it out tomorrow evening. Thank you
  14. Anyone have one of these hanging around and interested in selling on? Thanks.
  15. Sorry @salty I got stuck into prepping my lunch for today and getting ready to turn in for the night. That's a very kind offer thank you but there has been a development since yesterday. I made myself a coffee today with 15g rather than 15.5g and much preferred it, so a15g basket it will be! I'm happy to stick to the same bean, as I've said elsewhere my tastebuds are a bit shot to bits and I don't get any of the 'hints of..' so, having found a coffee I like there's no point chopping and changeing. I hesitate to say my coffee journey was going to be short. The reason for it was to get to the point where I can make a better coffee than I can buy locally, which in effect is many, many miles. Liking my coffee Italian stylie it's not as difficult to achieve as those that are after nuances from different beans. I love my coffee gear and am really happy to have arrived at the point I'm at, whether this will change as I have more time to do what I enjoy I don't know. What I do know is I have the kit to explore further.
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