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  1. Looks idyllic. Have a great few days away!
  2. An order from Black Cat Coffee arrived yesterday, no picture as it's still being quarantined. 250g of each - Signature Blend, Chocolate Point and Lazy Afternoon Blend (I think it's called this, It's the half decaf one). Arrived nice and quickly, only thing I wasn't too chuffed with is the promised tracking information via text/email never materialised.
  3. My palate knows nothing about the subtle nuances of taste, and I have no idea if this tastes of it's tasting notes, but I'm using Coffee Compass Mahogany Roast Malabar Hit and it's my favourite so far (14 months). I Don't drink espresso (but always take a sip to taste the shot) usually flat white/cappuccino (depending how the frothing has goneπŸ˜„) but in the interests of milk conservation during the current situation it's an Americano with a splash of milk for now. This is the first espresso I have tasted that has made me think I may one day drink the grown up drink called espresso!
  4. I was looking at these for a non-coffee purpose and now I'm wondering if it's a suitable route to go down for use with my Mara and allow me to give bottled water the elbow. Anyone have a clue if it would do the trick? Thanks https://www.pozzani.co.uk/systems.html
  5. Would you mind if I shared this elsewhere?
  6. Oooh, I didn't know there was such a thing as a Moka pot for induction hobs. My daughter has just bought a house with an induction hob, reckon I might invest in one of these incase I feel the need for a coffee when visiting. It would appear you can teach an old dog new tricks πŸ˜„.
  7. Ah, thanks guys. I'd love an analogue thermometer on my Mara. Sorry to anyone that has a digital one, but I don't think an e61 is the place for it!
  8. Stanic, is that an analogue thermometer I can see in the grouphead? If it is where did you get it please? Like your set up.
  9. That looks like something my husband would like me to have......nice and small πŸ˜„. I'd love to have the manual kit myself but unfortunately I have a weak wrist after an injury ☹️.
  10. Hubby bought some cups from them mid-late April, had no problems at all.
  11. Cheers @salty . Will keep my eye open for a Porlex mini 2nd hand (will need to find the moka pot first or it's a moot point 😁). Really don't want to go the MBK route, for what I'm after it's a bit overkill.
  12. Thinking of dusting off my moka pot (if I can find it) and taking it into work when I go back. Haven't used it for years but used to use it with ready ground coffee from the supermarket. Knowing better now I'd like to grind my beans as and when needed. So, to the crux of the matter, what are the cheapest suitable hand grinder options? I will have the occasional cup, not even one every day, so don't want to lay out much cash. Thanks.
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    Having trouble posting elsewhere so just doing a quick test to se if I can post here.
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