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  1. If sent by parcelforce the person sending the item (in this case the seller) assumes liability for it's arrival, in the same condition as when sent. In the case of loss or damage only the sender can make a claim from parcelforce as they have paid for the service and therefor have the contract with them.
  2. Not quite true. If the recipient arranges the courier, they have the contract with them & therefore the liability. Yep that is true. In this case the seller is talking about Parcelforce which, I believe, do not offer the service for a buyer to arrange collection. The seller in this case could have gone ahead thinking liability would not be theirs. Sorry, should have made the distinction.
  3. The sender is always liable. The carriage company will only accept a claim from the sender.
  4. Hi and welcome. Not been here long myself, still got a long journey ahead of me 😁.
  5. Champion barista! Not that that's why I bought the beans. The previous beans were Union Revalation from Waitrose and the roast dates were older than I would have gone for from choice. The Chatswood beans look lighter than both of these.
  6. I was drinking an espresso blend that's roasted and sold by a local barista (some sort of champion) at a farmers market. It's freshly roasted (about 3/4 days).
  7. I've got Rave's Chatswood blend on the go. I'm quite a newbie at this espresso lark and not tried many different beans yet but don't think it's really to my taste. I'm finding it a bit difficult to dial the right grind in, it's described as dark roast but looks much lighter than the beans I've been using. Due to my inexperience I've been surprised by how much finer I'm having to go, not quite there yet but, thanks to a link on another thread, I'm getting the hang of it now.
  8. I'm working my way through the Baristahustle stuff. I can feel myself becoming wiser the more I read 😁.
  9. Thanks webdoc and John All sorted now.
  10. Thanks guys. At least I have some idea of what I should try.
  11. Have I got things right - underextracted coffee tastes sour and overextracted coffee tastes bitter? I'm talking generally. I'm trying to dial in some new beens and can't remember which way I need to adjust. Thanks.
  12. Would this be suitable for espresso grind?
  13. Some might think this a bit tacky but I like it. It's on the wall in coffee corner. Also received my first on-line coffee bean order from Rave.. their espresso lovers taster pack and a pack of decaff.
  14. OK fairly ignorant newbie here so I'll bite....what's it used for? Thanks.
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