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  1. @Sparkyx As The Asgard seems to have moved his/her interest to a Kinu I'd be interested in this grinder if still available. One thing I need to check is that it would be suitable for grinding decaff beans for espresso. I'm after a decent hand grinder for an occasional decaff. Thanks.
  2. Thanks very much guys. I'm starting to get my Christmas list together 😉.
  3. Evening all. I'm looking to buy a VST basket and have a question I'm sure someone will know the answer to. What's the difference between ridged and ridgeless? I'm talking about performance etc not the shape. Just realised I have another question, will the tamper from my Lelit Mara fit? Thanks.
  4. Thanks guys. The Joe Frex will be going on my christmas list (just right for my daughter to get me). I could go higher with the price but I'm not a perfectionist (or anything near for that matter). Nice to see them sat nice and comfortable on the Mara Salty 👍. I hope you read the last post I made on the steamer thread, I've now used it and I love it - need to improve somewhat but that's all part of it. Thanks.
  5. Yep, very sorry to raise the spectre of scales again 😣. I'm still searching for the answer to the scales for me. I've tried the cheap and cheerful £10 or so version and, after a promising start, the display has now started to dance around like a toddler on an excess of E numbers as soon as I engaged the lever on my Mara. I'm fareing better with my cooking scales but they still dance a bit as the coffee flows into the cup. It's hit and miss how much coffee I end up with. I'm not obsessed with spot on accuracy but as a relative newbie it would help with getting things right in the cup. I've seen a recommendation of Joe Frex scales and found the ones in the link below for sale at Bella Barista. Any idea if these are suitable for use with espresso machines and are they any good? Any other T&T suggestions. I've set a limit of around £50. https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/brands/joe-frex-digital-coffee-scales.html Thanks for any help. ETA: Doh..just had a look and they are described as espresso scales. Still after opinions on them 👍.
  6. DDoe


    I leand in to have a closer look when rubbing the Mara with a microfibre cloth not long after turning it off....right eyebrow ridge touched the hot grouphead, it didn't stay touched for long!! Should have left the Caution Hot sticker on it 🤣. Bummer about your scratch Catpuccino😐.
  7. I'm not too sure what a traditional Italian bean is but I'm pretty certain it would suit me. I'm a coffee heathen, dark roasts all the way. My tastebuds aren't what they used to be and notes of this, that and the other are lost on me. I do however drink milk based coffees, never an espresso.
  8. DDoe

    Bellman stovetop steamer

    The steamer arrived on Wednesday, I wasn't expecting it to arrive so swiftly. It was really well packed and, when I finally fought off the packaging (😉) , it is in lovely condition. Due to work and life I didn't get a chance to give it a whirl until today. I haven't tried it in anger yet but it built up pressure, gave plenty of steam and heated up a jug of water a treat (I didn't need any milk frothing). Once the milk jug I've ordered arrives they will be going to work with me. I might not have the best coffee brewing soluition there but at least I'll be able to get the milk element right......with practice of course. Thank you Salty, nice doing bussiness with you.
  9. Might be interested at the right price.
  10. Thought I'd post my solution (pretty certain it'll be temporary). Plastic pots from Amazon, stored in the lid that came with my scales. Cheap & cheerful!
  11. DDoe

    Bellman stovetop steamer

    That looks great. I'll take it at asking price👍. Please send payment details via PM.
  12. Any of these in need of a new home? I'm interested in one to use at work. Thanks.
  13. Thanks salty. Hope you don't feel hassled!
  14. Thanks John. I've ammended the title, hope that's what you meant (I'm not the best with this new fangled technology 😁).
  15. Hi Salty. Are you still interested in selling your Bellman stovetop steamer? Sorry to hassle you if your still away or too busy at the moment. Thanks.
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