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  1. Thought I would start a new thread for this fix job. Recently bought a domobar super hx and have had some issues, got it working, only remaining problem is a cold puddoe of water forms under the machine over a period of time, especially when machine is idle (probably as this is a longer period of time). There was some leaking from the valve on previous inspection so I suspect this is the issue, but am wondering if anyone has any additional ideas for possible causes? Both valves seem in good condition when inspected, so I'm not sure if simply replacing one or the other will help.
  2. *** Update *** Exciting news - I've had some success with the VBM! I discovered this morning that one of the two heating element pins had become detached and the outer plastic looked cracked. Anyway the pin slotted back in. It was hard to spot originally as the pins and cables were deeply buried behind the Gicar control box - quite a busy area internally on that right-hand side. This explained why the machine was shorting every time I turned on the boiler to position 2. I also discovered that the level probe wire had escaped the Gicar again so I re-connected that firmly
  3. @jimbojohn55 have made quite a bit of progress. Discovered another problem - the water tank microswitch at the rear was not getting depressed as the screw that presses down onto the switch had been depressed. Chatted to an engineer on the phone yesterday re the eledtronics and we agreed that the loose cable was definitely for the water level probe, so clicked that back into CN4 and fired up the machine - voila, pump kicked into life. Them a few weird things happened. First, the pump switched off, so I turned to position 2...damn, fused. So switched everything off and on
  4. I now realise I made an error turning to position 2 without the pump having come on whilst in position 1, as this means the machine will have been trying to heat an empty boiler... ? very frustrating.
  5. Just need someone to guide me on the wires as can't find anything online.
  6. Have re- checked, a small blue cable is missing from the circuit, so that explains the deadness. Will post photo of circuit board here. There are the inserts on this side of the box: one multi-pronged (CN2), one with green/red/white (CN3) and one with just two greens. There is then a spare blue cable floating.
  7. I have the back cover off now. Oh my God! The entire Gicar box has come away from its contacts. Some courier! I have re- installed, turned on again, tripped the mains again. Now when I turn the knob to position two nothing happens - no orange light, no heating, and no mains tripped...also, when in position 1 the green light power lamp shows on but there is no sound of a pump working.
  8. I did read a few threads, including on here, about element failures. I have also run a hairdryer over the external and internals, turned on again and shorted after longer, maybe 1 second, not sure if significant. Anyway, not gonna try again just now without furthee checks. Sounds silly but how do I check the element? I've tried unscrewing the two flat head screws from below the cup tray which gives some limited views inside but can't see to the botrom. Guessing I need to take the whole outer cover off the back, but then what am I looking for? Cheers. Ps any threads on this, +/- pho
  9. Hi all, Today have taken ownership of the above machine. I am not sure it had the kindest life but was working okay before the seller shipped it to me. Unfortunately he must have thought that bubble wrap is optional so the machine came pretty poorly packaged. Anyway, have given the machine a wipe down and in the process of cleaning the portafilter etc. But now find when turning the machine to position 2 it trips my mains supply. Did a little reading, and so tried unplugging everything else in my kitchen, but no luck. I know the machine requires a lot of current, not sure what
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