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  1. Some of those Rave Coffees do look good - I may go for these. Thanks.
  2. Thanks, that's sort of what I'm doing anyway - minus the 2 water steps. Tried it and there isn't a massive amount of difference to be honest. But it is alot better than the standard aeropress method which I always find disappointing because it drips straight away and doesn't allow the coffee to steep / brew properly.
  3. Hi, I'm just using aeropress inverted method for a nice single cup.
  4. Nostromo


    Hi. Mostly new types of beans at the moment, and further down the line......grinders....and further down the line maybe some new types of brewing equipment.
  5. Apologies if this is the wrong section to do this....but I am after a bean recommendation as there are so many available. I have previously tried the Coffee masters master blend, and while that is very nice, I feel there is another out there for me that I'd like even more. As a taste guide - I have also tried grumpy mule lately (ground only) and they all seem a bit to sour / fruity for my taste. So some details: Grind: I like it medium coarse Roast: medium to dark Price: Maximum would be £30 a kilo I think Taste: I like nutty / dark chocolate tastes but not really that fussed as long as it's nice. Thanks for any recommends.
  6. No name required. I just wondered if there was one. I'm happy with it being Derek though.
  7. I can live with that. I don't need a name for it. Thanks
  8. Nostromo


    Thought I'd join to try and learn a bit about the drink and maybe get some tips on where to buy new equipment and beans.
  9. Hi all, My first post. I just joined as I'm getting into coffee lately and wondered what style of coffee it is that I'm drinking. My recipe: Around 22g of grounds topped up with about 100ml hot water. Added to that is about 15 - 20ml of cold milk. What is that? It's sort of halfway between an espresso and an americano. Thanks for any help.
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