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  1. I actually bought through espressocoffeeshop.com not BB, as it was the best price for me in the US. I do believe they bench tested it, since the steam boiler was full of water on arrival. It must have been disconnected/jostled during transit
  2. Well I went further and took out the water tank guard, and loosened out the computer so I could re-seat that black autofill wire. Evidently that was the end not entirely connected. Thanks for saving me that customer service hassle! Everything seems to be in working order. Now to try a latte tomorrow morning
  3. DavecUK thanks a ton for your help. I bet it's a shipping issue, since they evidently got it full of water at some point.
  4. When I Disconnect power Disconnect autofill probe Connect power Turn on machine Nothing happens, it does not start filling the service boiler. I also have a multimeter handy if you have suggestions what to probe.
  5. I did take the top cover, as well as the surrounding metal cover off due to seeing a lot of moisture coming from the inside of the machine upon arrival. I suppose it could have been wet with condensation because they shipped it full of water... that was a surprise to me! And quite concerning as this is my first espresso machine. As you know, when you remove the side cover, the power plug needs to be disconnected from the leads, so I did. I remember only the blue and black cables connected, but I figured I may have unplugged the green one (connected to external ground) as I moved the cover away. Anyway, after drying out the inside, I reconnected all three wires to the power plug. Is that the autofill probe and should I have left it unplugged? Seems unlikely to me. Is there a repair manual available? To be clear, the one time it worked: I was referring to steam out and hot water out. I suspect the water I got out came from the factory. Step 7 refilling the service boiler hasn't worked. The water level did not change, and steam and hot water now do not work.
  6. It will heat, but no steam comes out. Steam and hot water worked exactly once, as per step 4 and 6. Now when I turn both boilers on, when brew reaches temp, the service boiler heats to 145C instead of the 125C I set during setup. That also indicates to me that it is empty. I'll only keep the brew boiler on for right now, for safety
  7. Hi all, thanks for the thread with great advice. Just received my Minima today and I have an issue with the flushing procedure. Everything was gangbusters until the end of this step. The service (steam) boiler does not fill. The brew boiler has been filling throughout the flushing process from earlier steps. What can I check or what am I doing wrong? Thanks again
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